Dinner With Don King and Company

Evening Folks!!

So I am minding my own business and a get a call. 3 Hours later I am sitting across from Don King at his dinner table. I meet some very interesting people. Really interesting people. They think very big. I had a chance to watch him put some things together tonight. I think it is a big thing to move mountains. I watched worlds get moved into place tonight. A master in action. Say what you will, but to watch the greatest promoter of our time promote something from thin air is more amazing than anything Kreskin ever conceived.

Simon T Bailey talked about brilliance the other day. I witnessed brilliance tonight. No stages, no audience. Just a few people on a mission. A big mission. If you don't believe you can dream it and do it, you are wrong. You will be hearing a lot about what he is doing and putting together. Constructing. So I can't say much more than he hinted at the other day but tonight I had a first hand look at something unique and incredible. They can't teach you this in a classroom.And the coolest was to see his eyes light up with his fascination of domain names. There were no rhymes tonight. Just reasons.

Have a GREAT Evening!
Rick Schwartz



14 thoughts on “Dinner With Don King and Company

  1. Memphis Domain Broker

    Big Names and Important people can only mean good things for the domain business.
    It sometimes takes the Big Dog’s to move those mountains.
    But as the mountains move the smaller hills and crests (my client’s start to get it) go with the flow.
    Thanks Rick.
    Joey Starkey
    Memphis Domain Broker

  2. John

    This person should not be paid to endorsed domains he brings a bad light to the industry

  3. andrew

    I have no doubt Don King would love to partner with people in the domain industry. The question is, do you want to partner with someone who has killed two people?

  4. Gazzip

    “And the coolest was to see his eyes light up with his fascination of domain names.”
    Did you tell him BOXING.com was still a boring parking page? I don’t know if it’s for sale or not?

  5. domain

    so tell us more rick when will we see more action of things materializing in the future?
    ie the peoples internet…

  6. Joe Saladino

    HAHA! He was probably looking for a free dinner! KIND of kidding with all due respect! The man who many have claimed made and ruined many great boxers! I AM NOT trying to be a wiseguy honestly, just providing what the news claimed! However, I am not quite sure if he is good or BAD for the domain world. Perhaps he will try to dominate and play it also seeing boxing is WAY back seat to the UFC. The other idea is any publicity to the domain world can get us some good exposure directly or indirectly I KIND OF guess. Here is some info on Don King and his resume outside of Boxing and I AM SURE there is much stuff we don’t know and for sure isn’t said in this brief article.
    KINGS lawsuit against ESPN thrown out!

  7. Stephen Douglas

    Rick’s gushing here reminds me of something. Rent the”World At War” series, probably the first DVD in the set, and watch how a man, powerful in his words and actions, created the most devastating force of destruction the world has ever known. (circa 1939)
    What a”captivating” man this guy was. He had millions of people in his country and other countries saluting him with a glazed look in their eyes and forcing their right arms up and straight at a 45 degree salute. He promised them rewards, and they could”move mountains” to get them all, including a life of glory and unimaginable respect and prosperity.
    It didn’t matter that the initial success of that man’s dream killed over 50 million people, and today his name stands for the worst in a man’s soul, it just matters that he”excited a generation” to do the wrong things for revenge and superficial rewards. This iconic man lured his people to believe his goals were essential reasons to act in a manner that left their souls in the dirt.
    Notoriety is worth money and attention. Being seen with a crime boss or criminal who seems to have”beat the system” is a rush. We all want that power of”no fear”, even of the law. There’s a certain joy inside our bad side that comes out when we embrace”this guy who beat the law, beat the rap, overcame his many detractors, including his clients, and best of all, IS STILL RICH AND INFLUENTIAL.”
    So Rick, based on your enigmatic post, I want to ask:
    Who’s next in your”men of power” series? I think a very interesting person to talk to would be the guy who led a group of believers on a terrorization of Los Angeles back in 1969. Helter Skelter, baby!
    Heh, j/k dude. Don King is a great guy and an example for all of us to follow and teach his business prowess to our children. I’d be mesmerized too, if I was in his presence, especially if I didn’t like myself that much.

  8. Steve Cheatham

    He shared some of his thoughs and ideas with me.
    He does not want to be a domainer or endorse domains. He reconizes the power of domains and wants to use the Internet to help in his project.
    He is a very sincere person and wants to accomplish some things that are good and much bigger than himself.
    I enjoyed meeting him and talking with him. I am willing to give him a chance and be supportative.

  9. LotsOfJealousLosers

    If you bashers only knew how pathetic you looked bashing Don King. Sitting around in your underwear hurling insults against Don King and Rick puts it all in perspective.
    The point is that the world doesn’t care about you bashers. They all cared about Don King, and still do to a lesser degree.
    Just like NOBODY cares about most of your PIGEON SHIT domain names. You need to have the goods in order to get noticed and have an impact.
    You guys are too much. Pitiful names and pathetic insults. Yet nobody outside of your underwear circle of idiots even cares you exist.
    Congrats Rick Schwartz and Don King for having the ability to dream. Losers and bashers are just don’t understand what makes the world go around.


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