Game Day! Welcome to South Beach and TRAFFIC 21

Morning Folks!!

In just a few hours TRAFFIC will once again take center stage for what is set to be one hell of a show! One year of planning and an industry ready to break out. I'll keep it short. This will be one for the record books and every company and every domainer here knows it.


Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

16 thoughts on “Game Day! Welcome to South Beach and TRAFFIC 21

  1. Morgan Linton

    Congrats Rick – sounds like the show is going to be amazing!!
    Wish I could be there – I’ll be following closely through blogs and friends!

  2. Altaf

    Congratulations Rick, you, Howard, Rick L and other team members whose contributions made it possible to have the No.1 Domain Show on earth. It is not easy! Vision, then continous hard works to fulfill that vision into goal & reality. People will remember it. Next generation will follow the foot steps you guys printed. We wish all the best of success of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
    But one request Rick, we who are reading your posts from a very remote corner of the map & could not made it to join the event, please make the most content or summary available for us.
    Thanks. Have a great Day!! Best Regards,

  3. john

    And to follow the previous post, could this be a possible solution?:
    Written by Deke:
    “A platform whereby a domainer can add a domain, the domain has a template that allows for selling PPC ads in a vertical order….like 1, 2, 3, 4, etc… down the list….just like a parked page or like Google, but with 10, 20, or more vertical ads, if need be. The domainer then sells ads on that domain, but any advertiser can come along and open up an account with the platform provider (“the house”) and place an ad on any domain as well. So both the advertiser can place ads and a salesman (domainer) can place an ads.
    So, for example, if I had HalloweenCostumes,com , I could sell three ads today, and maybe while I sleep an advertiser comes along at 3:00 A.M. and places an ad on my site. I then wake up and have four ads from four advertisers on my site.
    This platform would show the exact amounts the advertisers are paying, clicks, etc…, viewable to the advertiser, publisher, and platform provider. This is for total transparency for all parties involved.
    The platform provider takes 25%, for example, the domainer keeps 75%. With the 75% …… there is enough profit that after a few successful sites being developed then salesmen can be brought aboard, thereby making more for the domainer and the platform provider.
    I think this is all very doable, except for the little nagging problem of Google’s PPC patent for search listings. However, that patent has a life of 14 years. It is going to expire, I believe in 2014.
    The good news, is that I know someone that has rights to the same type system Google uses because it was written before GoTo was even around back in the 90′s and has legal rights to use it. And, even better news, it may be launched here soon for domainers. A few more kinks have to be worked out, but hopefully soon the industry will see this great system that has been around for over a decade but the industry has never seen.
    The template looks just like a Google page, except the PPC ads go straight down the page and make up the content, that is, unless you want to add more content below the ads.
    Why reinvent the wheel? Parking domains IS where the money is at, if someone above is not stealing from you.
    One HONEST partner would tear a hole in Google/Yahoo/Bing’s parking programs. Domainers would exodus the parking industry for an alternative like this in a heartbeat. The amount of money they could make would be literally up to them and the control they would have would be much greater due to the transparency of the platform”

  4. Anunt

    John, the average Joe surfing the internet does NOT want to see a parking page type of site when he types in a domain name.
    People want to see a full blown website…not ads.
    We should start seeing these full blown websites real soon…because these ads are not paying out much any more.
    So you’re dream idea of placing ads everywhere will NOT work in the future!
    Those days are gone!

  5. Black Beauty

    anunt you stole flowers at 6.5k
    i bid at 3.2k then went to bid in live and there probs with java even though fully installed correct and reinstalled
    on forums they are commenting how live feed sucked
    anyway, i guarantee with reslae or devlopment you will get 50k up for that
    Rick messed up selling now imho
    first time he’s made a major booboo
    ok tax reasons blah blah, but its a major emabarrassment
    you did well
    also Rick, the general concensus was don king was ireelevant too
    not hating as would love to have gone to conference
    will wait for one in spain or something though or mediterranean
    somewhere awesome

  6. Anunt

    Thanks Black Beauty…was your bidder id:”egyfun” or”industry”…i know egyfun kept bidding against me towards the end.
    JJ, i don’t have any enemies…i just have a difference of opinion with Rick.
    Rick might think i’m a scum bag and hate me…but i dont hate Rick…it’s nothing personal, just business!
    Rick, keep enjoying and having fun at TRAFFIC…hope i didnt ruin your day by being the highest bidder of

  7. Anunt

    Black Beauty…the audio really sucked on that live auction…also, i could not understand anything the auctioneer was saying…and there was couple of seconds delay

  8. Black Beauty

    Hi Anunt,
    i was ‘industry’
    i would have bid up to about $6k but fully expected it to go to about $60k etc
    one thing i will say about Rick is he’s a stand up guy. all sorts of crap has been written about Rick on forums by haters, like he took backhamder from mobi etc. crap
    fact is he overpaid for the domain but paid in his own dollar bills
    when it came to sell, he sold in same venue and took a big hit
    lowlifes were claiming it may go for more and he would shill etc
    basically Rick is one thing, a very good businessman, and a standup businessman, calls things how he sees them and i respect him for that
    i disagreed with don king as a choice of speaker as i consider him a lowlife. but it’s ricks show and his party, he can do what he likes.
    best of luck to both of you.
    i think you are certain to have a big payday with that domain though.
    develop it in meantime mate

  9. ScottM

    When good things happen to bad people. Makes you sick. Like when a murderer buys a lottery ticket from jail and ends up winning the jackpot.

  10. brass casting

    one thing i will say about Rick is he’s a stand up guy. all sorts of crap has been written about Rick on forums by haters, like he took backhamder from mobi etc. crap
    fact is he overpaid for the domain but paid in his own dollar bills


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