The Largest TRAFFIC show since 2007. Final Schedule Posted.

Morning Folks!!

The Largest TRAFFIC show since 2007 is about to take center stage when 300-400 professional domainers invade Miami Beach. and it is wall to wall with great speakers.The final schedule is now posted and you will see we mean business. There is no dead time. We tackle issues MANY won't be happy about and only at TRAFFIC would that happen. Others will be delighted. Some will take advantage of the opportunity and solve problems for a profit.

The top 20% and those wanting to climb their way up in life will assemble one more time. Howard and I make no apology for focusing on the 20%. Life is short and you have to make the most of your time. If that offends some, then we can live with it. I know it does not offend the 20%. They thank us for keeping the noise out and the business and deal making in.

Look at it like this. I used to do a lot of advertising. My products appeared in well over 100 trade publications. These publications were audited and that had a lot to do with the rates they could charge.

In that business there are paid subscriptions and free subscriptions. So if it was 100% paid, that was a much more potent choice for advertising and the results would always follow.

TRAFFIC is 100% paid show. And I guess I am the perfect person to say 'No'. Everything else is desperate and weak. Other than our Keynote Speakers (Which we PAY TO COME) everyone pays. Everyone has skin in the game. Everyone has an investment of time and dollars and they MUST get a return. MUST. So our show has a certain level of focus and achievement. When everyone is like that, you have the MAGIC OF TRAFFIC.

Folks that come to TRAFFIC don't focus on the expense as much as they focus on the return. They focus on relationships. They focus on moving mountains and their business to another level. TRAFFIC is what attendees make it. And the 20% KNOW how to make things happen. The 80% are sand in the ball bearings and only slows things down.(Do I know how to be popular or what?)

That is what always makes TRAFFIC different. Say what you want, but there is a reason that the history of the Domain Industry and TRAFFIC are so weaved together. It is not by accident. It is by design and formula and a vision that encompasses more than just a show. The show is just our vehicle to accelerate acceptance of domains as a multifaceted investment the likes of which the world has never seen before and at the same time putting us together so we can help each other grow , prosper and progress.

From Delray to South Beach via Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, New York City, Orlando, and the countries beyond, TRAFFIC is all grown up and the world is about to catch up with the world stage we have been on for so many years.

The selling is over but the job now begins. Howard and I and our families are on a mission to make your time with us the best ever! That’s what we do. First class or not at all. The right way or no way. When you look back at life you will treasure your moments at TRAFFIC. Not only is it part of your business, we are all a fraternity of very interesting people with great hearts and wisdom beyond our years.

Have a GREAT Day!
Safe Travels
See you at the Beach!
Rick Schwartz


8 thoughts on “The Largest TRAFFIC show since 2007. Final Schedule Posted.

  1. Anunt

    Check out GOOG earnings report…they don’t give a shit about what you losers have to say at TRAFFIC…they will pretend to listen to make you guys happy…but they don’t really give a shit!

  2. BillW

    You are one miserable ‘turd in the punchbowl’. Why do you bother to spew your venom here? You are really a sad person, do yourself a favor and get some professional help. I am serious in saying that!
    Rick….surprised you haven’t pulled the plug on this troll and quit giving him the attention.

  3. chris

    great work Rick!
    hope all goes well and you guys have some fun
    @Anunt. i have a suggestion.
    go to a porn site, pull it out and ‘beat your sh*t like it owes you money’
    maaaaan you gotta get laid, drunk, high or something to help you chill out.
    serial offender LOL’s :P

  4. George

    Cheers Rick!!
    Your meeting will be a blast.Have a great time. You guys deserve it.
    Regarding”Rick….surprised you haven’t pulled the plug on this troll and quit giving him the attention.” I’ve a suggestion:
    Don’t pull the plug. We have to Ignore him completely. Eventualy,this Pathetic Character will die with his own poison.

  5. Don

    The only people being negative are the ones that got declined in the auction. So what do they half of them do? They decide to take it out on someone. If you have good names they will accept them.
    I can’t think of a better place to submit your names and get exposure.

  6. Rob Sequin

    AWESOME conference from start to finish.
    Keep looking forward and thanks for clearing the path. We’re here to pave the road behind you :-)
    Does that make any sense??? Sounded good as I wrote it :-)


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