The new”Enter Button”. The Era of the Cash Register Coming to Domain Names

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Have one of these on your website? Mini site? Whatever site? Let's be simple. Our single biggest deficiency is not having a cash register on a domain name. That turns it from a domain to a business. Forget the rest of the stuff. Get one item, get a cash register, get a sale and then start to grow. The new 'Enter Button' of the era.

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Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “The new”Enter Button”. The Era of the Cash Register Coming to Domain Names

  1. Deke

    That’s brilliant, really. Why just have a contact link on parking pages ? It’s better to replace that with this type of graphic so buyers can buy now, not dilly-dally around. This would free up time for domain sellers also.
    Do parking companies allow this? I know some are starting to allow banners, links, and such, but would they allow this?
    I’d do this in a heartbeat as a test if they allow it.

  2. Jim Holleran

    This was brought up by a friend of mine months back who has been in this business since 1995. I think the time is now for this. It can be a powerful tool.

  3. rjb

    I think the point of this post wasn’t as a buy button for the domain, but to sell a product on your domain’s page.”get a product” and sell it on your domain’s webpage – preferably a product to do with your domain’s keywords, and start making sales. Or did I miss the point?

  4. Kevin

    I really love the long awaited feature of the Paypal”Buy It Now” button option which DevHub has recently added to their free website builder.
    I am starting to add it to my 350 sites I have built on DevHub. You can use it to sell any product or service. I like to use it to let buyers know the site is for sale and even refer potential buyers to the site and tell them that I am going to contact other potentially interested businesses and that the first party to take advantage of the”Buy It Now” option will instantly own the domain, so they should act quickly if they want it!
    I have placed it at the top of the home page on and have turned down a $1,000 offer so far. I just received an email today from someone wanting to know if another one of my DevHub sites is for sale. This is the email:
    Hi Kevin…
    Are you interested at all, in selling the domain I’d
    love to use it as a personal blog…
    I am wondering how many more people will want to purchase my domains on DevHub sites once I have added the obvious”Buy It Now” button and they know it’s for sale and that they can buy it instantly for the posted price.
    Open your free account at


    You’re right and everyone else is trying to sell domains like merchandise and it just don’t work that way when you have to transfer the domain name and most people want to use an escrow service, etc..


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