Fiasco Comes Down to 1 Question!!

Morning Folks!!

I have only one question that blows the lid of all the bullshit of the fiasco. It's really the only question.

See the attorney did not bid on without being sent. Somebody sent him or there was a MEETING and he was sent to bid.

So my one and only question is why would you pick a $750/hour lawyer to buy a $275 item? That's the one that cuts through all the lies and bullshit.

'Some People tell me I have a short temper. I prefer to call it a swift and assertive reaction to BULLSHIT'

Someday when I have some time I will go through the 3500 comments as I am sure their stuff is just as good if not better.

This Week's front page Yahoo! story now has some 3500 comments in less than 24 hours. Some of them are brutal. It started here last week on and then CBS in Dallas. Then it just before it spins out of control yesterday and 1 week later it is still growing. The whole city of Dallas is buzzing.

Then it hit Then Then the

In Philly, they talk about the

The 'Trojans' are now worried. As are other teams that have a 'Gay' outlook. Buccaneers Titans.

Bottom line.....It doesn't pass the laugh test. Anyone with a brain the size of a PIGEON can see through that nonsense. But it is a part of history now and it took 5 YEARS for the story to really get out.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


13 thoughts on “ Fiasco Comes Down to 1 Question!!

  1. Joao

    They were stupid and probably thought that they could win the domain via udrp. Most probably someone told them later they wouldn’t be lucky luke…and here we are. 5millions ahead perhaps. 1 per year sounds fair.

  2. Show us the money...

    Probably thought they had been shill bidded in the auction so pulled out. But 275k is an ok price in the grand scheme of things.
    Still though, any part owner in the domain that makes public statements about the sale etc etc all forms part of the brief that when it gets legal it really will.

  3. Gene Downs

    Rick !! I watched it all the way through, it would appear that someone was trying to destroy the value & create havick !! There is a Cowboys football team here in Queensland to !! This whole thing smells !

  4. Guy

    the lawyer was talking through his backside, bottom line. literally! lol
    they thought they were being clever trying to devalue the domain by pretending they meant 275$
    basically it backfired and sold for more
    it’s generic, there’s jack they can do except pay a shedload more for it but being developed it will go up every day
    I think we can safely say the dallas cowboys lawyer was talking shit. pigeon shit to be precise!

  5. steve

    Don’t you ever, EVER! say a lawyer has lied or *even can* lie. Once a lawyer takes the oath he/she is incapable of telling a lie. You can be arrested and face 60 years for sayin that.
    Hell 90% of our Congress is lawyers. If they can lie do you know what that means!

  6. adam

    Rick wasn’t the bid taken on the phone ? Isn’t their tape (video) of that auction. It was one of the big ones for the day.

  7. Anunt

    Dallas Cowboys don’t need
    Definately NOT worth $275k.
    If its auctioned again…it would re-sell for under $50k.
    If Dallas Cowboys don’t buy it…it is basically worthless.
    Maybe you can sell it to BrokeBack Mountain guys…lol


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