11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Cowboys.com Score a Touchdown!

  1. Garry Epperson

    This story and the cowboys.com website should blow the whole industry wide open. You can’t buy that publicity.

  2. Rick Schwartz

    Nearly 2700 comments and counting.
    Garry is right
    “This story and the cowboys.com website should blow the whole industry wide open. You can’t buy that publicity.”

  3. Guy

    this is priceless Rick!
    the comments are hilarious too
    not just dating but gay dating for cowboys lol
    these sort of cowboys want to ride you ‘cowgirl’ style!

  4. Scott Alliy

    no win for JJ. if he doesn’t buy the name he risks lost traffic brand confusion
    and more. If he does (for what would now be much more than they could have in
    07). If he does buy the name he risks being anti-gay and having one or more
    chick-fil-a moments at the stadium along with the lost revenues and damages.
    we got us a real cowboy clusterf&^%k here tex. :how bout them Cowboys”? LOL
    BTW Kudos on pointing out the obvious benefits of multiple doorways.
    This episode opens up a whole new can of worms and opportunities.
    Worms as in”how many .GTLD extensions one will need to buy to protect their space”?
    Opportunities for domain investors and resellers who had the vision and took the chance to buy good names that who knows how many companies will now want to have to protect their brand and space online. Like the Cowboys should have done years ago to prevent this mess
    Yee freaken haw! As they say in Vegas”Let it roll baby” and not a moment to soon I might add!

  5. Chad p

    Houston, we have a problem. Two texas football teams seem to miss out on the oil rush. Dallas is the story of the decade. Go texans

  6. @domains

    The article is great publicity and actually pokes fun at the team for missing out on the name. Comments are quite funny too, from fans of other teams. Good job!

  7. Forrester

    Was going to IM you last night Rick but got sidetracked…You guys are missing out…You should have opened up a comment section on Cowboys.com (still should)


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