Ritz-Carlton Hotel Rooming Update Bulletin

Evening Folks!!

Just to keep you up to date. This is my latest hotel report I just got minutes ago.

Friday October 5th.........2 Rooms available
Saturday October 6th.....3 Rooms available
Sunday October 7th......15 14 Rooms available
Monday October 8th......12 11 Rooms available
Tuesday October 9th.......6 5 Rooms available

Again, let me remind you....on MONDAY NIGHT all rates will go up. There may still be rooms for some nights. But PLEASE be prepared to pay $689/night. This IS the Ritz Carlton on the ocean and it is a holiday weekend.

The 2 nights that WILL be a problem. Saturday October 6th and Tuesday October 9th. If you go online to the Ritz Carlton site, and plug in Arriving on October 6th or 7th like almost everyone is and checking out the morning of the 10th like everyone else, the rate is $689 PER NIGHT! That's OVER $1600 more for the stay PLUS your taxes more than double as well.

All I can do is be on record and give you fair warning.

Rick Schwartz

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