Theory in the Classroom vs Reality of the Street! Here is a Masters in Business in 43 Minutes!

Morning Folks!!

Want to get a 4 year education in 43 minutes. In THE most important and useful episodes of Shark Tank I have EVER seen.

Mark Cuban vs The Professor and the student. Could not illustrate the difference of how it really works better than this. And they were SCARED to actually use their own system. A bridge to nowhere. Horrible!

Later watch somebody make the right move. And another with no move. This is very educational and see which one you see the most of in you.

Here is the link to last nights season opening episode.


33 thoughts on “Theory in the Classroom vs Reality of the Street! Here is a Masters in Business in 43 Minutes!

  1. Joao

    Only available to USA audience. I hope the audience enjoys it.
    The good news are that it works now!

  2. BullS

    Love that show…
    There is no such things as Failures, they are only DElays.
    you never know until you try…..the biggest losers are those that don’t even want to get their big fat ass off

  3. Kevin

    Most entrepreneurs fail at raising venture capital for their idea because of one or more of these 5 simple reasons:
    1) They don’t know how to structure the deal.
    2) They don’t know how to price the deal.
    3) They don’t know how to find prospects for the deal.
    4) They don’t know how to sell the deal.
    5) They don’t know how to close the deal.
    And that’s quite sad because many great ideas have never gotten off the shelf as a result.

  4. Donny

    Funny thing is that instead of going to that link above I just typed in, serious why don’t they just buy that name and fwd it to abc.
    Maybe the owner of that name could go on the show and tell them they are losing money everyday by not owning that domain name.
    Great show.
    Don Murray

  5. Bill

    Funny that a show about how to succeed in business is losing money every day by refusing to allow a foreign audience to view it.

  6. Anunt

    They dont need … do you expect to buy every freaking show’s dot com domain name … i dont think so … people use google to find stuff … dont need exact domain names.
    They are NOT losing any money by NOT owning … people who are looking for shark tank will find it sooner or later thru google … NO customer lost.
    If they type in and dont see anything…they use google…and bamm…there it is… NO money lost.
    You domainers need to get your head out of your asses and need to think like the average Joe to see the reality.
    When you see John Jones thru John Jones eyes, you will sell John Jones what John Jones buys.

  7. Anunt

    These entrepreneurs need to learn that the value of the shark’s helping them succeed is waaaayyyyyy more than the money that they are asking for….entrepreneurs keep forgetting to put that into their business partnership equation.
    The value of the shark’s knowledge and business experience is worth much much more than the pennies that they are begging for…the sharks can make you an instant millionaire with their help…just partner with them and you will win in the end.

  8. Michal G

    I am downloading this episode now. Shark Tank/Dragons Den are awesome shows. I have collected many quotes that help to get me inspired & clued up about business. I agree with Anunt in that the real value to most of the businesses comes from the the shark’s themselves.

  9. Donny

    Hey John Jones I don’t buy what you’re saying.
    The goes to apple but hey apple does not know marketing they just like to fwd names to for no reason at all. I mean really why buy the consumer will just google it and find it, who cares about user experience.
    I guess since you’re a professional marketer you would rather tell 6 million people that watch sharktank to google it and find it themselves. That is you but that is a half ass way to do business.
    When you think negative you are negative.

  10. Lucas

    I had never seen Shark Tank before… I just watched some videos in youtube, they are great! Sometimes amazes me how can I miss so valuable things…It is really the kind of stuff anyone investing money can absolutely not afford to miss. Thank you so much for sharing Rick.

  11. steve

    these idiots on shark tank.
    The business partner who says it is to much equity to give up and I would pass LOL
    Just coming from my life experience I just have to say, ahahahaahahahhaah!! Worst advice ever!!!
    One thing I learned to do is laugh at stupid dam people and say No and I don’t want to even know you.
    These sharks must think omg what a dumbass!

  12. Anunt

    What happen to
    Apple does NOT care about domaining like you nerds.
    Apple is NOT losing any money by NOT having
    People looking for an iPad will eventually end up on
    Once again…
    When u see John Jones thru John Jones eyes, u will sell John Jones what John Jones buys.

  13. passing through has exceptional value if it’s allowed to sell I pads or related products. People looking for info or to purchase would most probably visit before apple in the ppc market,..etc. but not worth so much if they were restricted from doing so. …..

  14. Anunt

    Well Donny…explain why apple doesn’t own
    They definitely have the money to purchase it.
    Are they just stupid??? I don’t think so.
    And Donny, why don’t u own instead of which does not even load using the iPhone.
    Don’t forget to explain

  15. Richard

    Hotspot shield did the trick for me. The free version plasters adds everywhere, but it looks like it can be manually started when you need it e.g. for shows like this (I’m in the UK). It mangled my volume control for a minute until I figured it out.

  16. Donny

    It’s because they called you and wanted to know what your thoughts where on the subject. lol. Why ask me I don’t work for them.
    Your a funny individual. But also negative in the way you put your own industry down. Add something positive in the forum. Being negative is easy. That would be like me saying when people start using siri for voice search they are not going to be using stfu as individual letters for search. But some people have certain agendas. Good luck buddy or gal whatever you are.

  17. Richard

    The college professor was a professor of nothing. Fire him – he f***ed the deal. Poor student boy could have made it if he’d had a better adviser.
    Eyeglass holder (?) – 65% equity – now a millionaire – or nearly. Says it all.
    That cup-holder guy – 51% and he walks away pleased as punch. What did they see in that cup-holder contraption? The sharks picked up on that – it passed me by. All I saw was what looked like a joke – couldn’t stop laughing, and nor could they. But something made a connection with them – was it their own reaction of laughter? As in, other people are also going to see this joke, and then maybe the joke will cease to be a joke?
    Body walking = dead man walking. Correct.
    Buggy beds – OMG! They had it all!
    1)Assess your adviser. Practical experience and success = quality.
    2)Assess what the other side REALLY offers. The sharks offer wisdom and experience and connections, NOT money.
    3) Figure out an extreme fallback position. Student boy should have given them 99% of his company. In return he’d have got world class experience and advice and he would have been PAID for his apprenticeship.
    4)Be prepared to be flexible. You don’t know what’s going to be thrown at you.
    5)If they want an instant decision, NOW! and there are better offers likely, don’t be railroaded.
    6)IF they want an instant decision NOW! and that’s the only offer, jump at it!
    7)Prepare. Have the figures at your fingertips. Know why you’re different. Have a track record. Do the dirty work, don’t jump in straight to the clean suit and office (student boy, who didn’t road test his product even next door.)
    8)Be hungry

  18. Show us the money...

    Absolute pearl of wisdom there Anunt…
    “You domainers need to get your head out of your asses and need to think like the average Joe to see the reality.
    When you see John Jones thru John Jones eyes, you will sell John Jones what John Jones buys.”

  19. Show us the money...

    “Well Donny…explain why apple doesn’t own
    They definitely have the money to purchase it.
    Are they just stupid??? I don’t think so.
    And Donny, why don’t u own instead of which does not even load using the iPhone.
    Don’t forget to explain”
    Apple doesn’t need ipad. anything because if someone puts up any of its products on them it can beat their asses with IP law.
    When anyone thinks domains esp generic types they should always be thinking SME’s generally and those with undifferentiated products with low IP barriers (esp wholesalers), thats why the likes of sells, thats why sells etc. Having the .com of a registered trademark or someone elses product, name etc is just asking to get hit for no financial gain.

  20. Donny

    And I thought all this time no one else had a trademarked term for ipad. 6 minutes of wasted time and counting :)

  21. Show us the money...

    Technically someone could have other classes in ipad and therefore be ok to hold the domain and use that domain. But dumb-arses think and know the value is in the big player, and thats why they’ll get hit.
    Big players can bankrupt you whether your wrong or even right in a number of situations.
    I do believe however that often good people by paying appropriate respect and providing helpful information to big names can get away with a potentially infringing name (with enough disclosures etc etc). The big players do let some small players live on if they are ‘good citizens’.

  22. steve

    Believe in yourself.
    I Failed so many times before I made a million which got taxed away and stolen by friends who will pay or go to jail.
    Have faith in yourself and don’t ever give up control.
    Learn from mentors and take jobs that help you learn so you will be ready to take the reigns.

  23. Mike Law

    SharkTank is a great show, has taught me a lot since I started watching it. FYI, you can watch every episode for FREE on, international or not.


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