Rick’s Board is Back! Domain King’s Joint Venture Group Grand Opening!!!

Morning Folks!!

I started posting on my first 'Forum' back in 1996 and opened the first domain forum in 2000. It was always hard to control the noisemakers and folks that only purpose for living was disrupting things.

Well with the way Linkedin works, that problem has now been effectively solved. So for professional domainers and end users, may I present the all New Rick's Board at Linkedin.

Domain King's Joint Venture Group

Professional Collaboration is alive and well. Real names, real faces, real people real business.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz


7 thoughts on “Rick’s Board is Back! Domain King’s Joint Venture Group Grand Opening!!!

  1. Altaf

    Congrats & thanks for re-opening your legend Board. Memory becomes sweet when it is past. How do you feel looking at your first posts and that of today? Over the years what a great change in domain industry and what a great contribution did you make towards its introduction to the folks and public forums,people,end users,businessmen/women, buyers/sellers, flippers,developers,now leasing. The world should remember you being the father of domain or alias Domain King. History to note down your name in golden letters. We thank you for being a kindlier mentor, teacher, motivator, open armed helper. Keep it up! We love & admire you Rick. I joined your Linkedin Board immediately & invited my children to follow me.

  2. BillW

    @Altaf….linking to a”parked page” is bad manners IMO, especially on another forum or board. I think it is also against your parking companies terms of service. ;)

  3. Altaf

    Saw you have some creativity & much knowledge. Try to contribute so that folks get benefits out of it. Why to spread negative thoughts & waste time of moderator, folks, without abiding by the principle of an esteemed forum? Please, to get respect try to respect others in the board. It costs nothing but…..You will feel very good by helping others in changing their lives with positive & motivational words.Hope you don’t mind.

  4. Rick Schwartz

    We now have just over 300 members of this group.
    All with names and bios. Real People.
    I have 18 that are in limbo and have not been approved.
    If you are one of those folks and you are real, email me.

  5. laola

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