Don’t Make Me Swallow Sh*t and Then have me Tell Others How Good it Tastes!

Afternoon Folks!!

Are you ready to be fed truckloads of bullshit hoping you and I will swallow it and tell others how great it tastes. When will it become old? Probably after .mobi. Right? After .Travel. Right? .biz for sure. Right? How about the dozens you never heard of? Right?

So now we are in for a barrage of bullshit the likes we have never ever seen before. The stories will be just that. Stories. Stories they may be able to backup but stories that were orchestrated as opposed to having something natural occur.

Bloggers will spread the bullshit they are fed. But when they do they risk compromising their character and credibility as they carry water for others. I would URGE bloggers before they reprint propaganda, that they ask some questions as well and not just become the PR arms for all these new companies.

Maybe there will be thousands and thousands looking for the new goldrush. I wish them luck. But I also wish them the reality to see beyond the blue sky. In a year or two, many will realize they just manufactured bills and liabilities and not much else.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Swallow Sh*t and Then have me Tell Others How Good it Tastes!

  1. Dr Domainer

    I’m disgusted with these top domainers about them selling
    this SHIT!! They know the market and should know better
    not to take advantage of newbies. I believe some big names
    will make tons of money and leave the industry after because
    they will have a SEA of customers they have pissed off.

  2. BullS

    They tried to force me to swallow their sh*t but I gave them my best”BullS’ and they run away with no panties to cover their A*ss.
    Dot PW, the best domain extension for suckers.

  3. DonnyM

    A bit OT- But GD will sell anything extension that moves. Speaking of them, I just tried to give 1300.00 for an auction we won at gd. Since the original bidder did not pay I was in line next.
    They sent me the winning bid and I had 24 hours to pay. Then they just removed it from my account and sent it into the open market in like in 10 hours or so.
    Ends up at godaddy under someone elses account. So someone probably got it for 20 bucks through the backorder system. Because it is still at godaddy as of now under a different name. I even back-ordered through 3 services. Including godaddy.
    It was a solid name but guy on phone could not explain why it happen.
    I am just wondering how many times this is happening to others.
    Something really odd is going on at that company. I am not going to do business with them anymore. If they said they where sorry or admitted fault then that would be different but they just don’t give a shit.

  4. UFO

    May well find that companies buying all those initial tlds to protect their IP now dumping the whole lot and just staying with the original 3 tlds and national cctlds. The flight to quality in the face of a tsunami of bullshit.

  5. Troy

    Yeah… cause Godaddy would rather make $20 on a backorder than $1300 on an auction…

  6. UFO

    Correct, these registrars will sell anything that is demanded. No different to stores in the wild west* selling whatever gold prospectors wanted.
    We’re all selling something.
    Although, some of it is just fools gold.
    *GoDaddy ‘Wild West’ domain registration.

  7. Dave Wrixon

    If it looks like pigeon shit but Verisign says its a Dot Com, then trust me, its a Dot Com.


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