and the First TWO Actual emails to me from Danny!

Morning Folks!!

Danny Welsh and I have been working face to face this week for the FIRST TIME since we launched Pretty amazing to get this far and have our FIRST face to face discussions nearly 6 months into this project.

By tonight we will have spent about 45 hours together getting systems in place and starting next week you will see some visible progress and for the first time you will begin to see the vision we have and what we are going to do to change the lives of every domain investor reading this that have lease quality domain names. I just got his 2011 Christmas card in January 2013 because I only check that particular PO Box 1 or 2 times a year.

The seed for all this was planted Last April 29th and before that. Matter of fact, I have seen evidence this week that Danny started working on this over a year before he ever contacted me. Last April 29th he wrote me an email. He also wrote 19 more. He figured it would take 20 emails to me to get to 'Yes'. Well he basically got to yes on the first email as it appears below. And as they will say someday....The rest is HISTORY!

I only have one mission and one goal and that is by December 31, 2013 to demonstrate to an industry an old and very profitable direction. We are going to change lives and we are going to do it right in front of you just like we have done so far. But by T.R.A.F.F.I.C., which is just 8 weeks away, your doubt will be washed away with what we will make public at that time. Then every single domain investor will start kicking themselves for selling a domain for $1000 that had the capability to earn $1000/month.

'Hey Rick, You may remember my name...or not.

But I assure you, before it's all said and done we WILL be joint venture partners.

I've made a number attempts to reach you in the last 3 years since stumbling across your blog and realizing the power of the 'starving crowds' you managed to find and gain leadership of by securing so many amazing keyword-rich domains with “type-in traffic”-- while all the Madison Avenue 'branding experts' do boneheaded things like spend millions on SuperBowl commercials for crap image impression purposes.

And since I've tried to reach you with emails, letters, calls, blow up posters in the mail, at conferences, Christmas cards, you name it. If I knew where you lived I'd probably hire a coordinated team parachute group to drop on your front porch with my message because my desire to work with you is very strong. ;)

It's the same thing I've been saying, trying to get your attention. But in the last couple years I've significantly increased the value I could bring to any joint venture with you-- most specifically in the realm of copywriting (ie salesmanship in print), having written salescopy for over half a dozen client projects that exceeded one million dollars in sales so far.

Let me use my skill as a copywriter and in building joint venture relationships to help you match audience to content.

I know I can develop one of your type-in traffic domain audiences into a more profitable income stream.

Give me a chance?'

My Response:

Hi Danny,

Let me know your idea and how you see it unfolding.

'Rick, my desire to work with you is enough that frankly wherever you feel a motivated individual talented in copywriting and joint venture deal-making could add the most value is where I’d like to begin doing business with you.

I have read in your blog that you have this goal: “I just want 100 different running businesses that require no time.” I believe there’s plenty of opportunity for me to use my skills to make money in partnership with you by helping you reach that goal.

While I could give you a thumbnail sketch of a half-dozen different ideas to propose for monetization of one of your single domain names— which is likely the kind of proposals you receive most often— I’m confident you already know one or more certain domain properties or verticals in your portfolio that is under-performing compared to potential-- where a degree of effort, creativity, and salesmanship by someone like me could significantly increase income without work or hassle to you.

Here’s how I might see that possibility unfolding…I’d like to work with you in 3 capacities, each of which would serve and support the other, and in the following order of execution:

1. Passive joint venture attraction: Allow me to create a salesletter-style “offer” of your partnership program for companies that would like to leverage your significant traffic sources in a certain vertical and in exchange pay you ongoing residual revenue share and/or equity stake per your preference. I believe an easy and quick testing roll-out of this idea could be accomplished with minimal time investment on your part simply by re-positioning -- and any other JV-related domains you may own-- with a copy of this offer letter. The letter would include the following: a primer on the power of type-in traffic, vertical industries available for targeting, figures of average visitors in each, criteria for partnership, and a solid qualifying application—all of which I believe I can achieve from my observations and notes of your stated goals combined with a short conversation with you to ask some questions to make sure my understanding is accurate and uncover some metrics and facts you believe might help me ‘sell’ it in print. In addition to writing the letter, if you feel appropriate I would like to serve as an initial qualifying “filter” to protect your time and negotiate with inquiries initially. Upon success of such a test, I would propose broadening the sources of traffic by pointing relevant domains to a vertical-specific version of this partnership offer letter to receive joint venture inquiries that are laser targeted proposals. As proof I can do this, I offer the following experience: I have written a salesletter for a client whose joint venture networking summit has attracted 100-200 attendees each time it has been held at a price point of $1495 (happy to send you a PDF if interested), so I really feel like I understand the JV mindset and value of companies partnering together. Each deal earning more income through the new joint venture than the existing domain asset does via parking would be one more business towards your goal of 100.

2. Active joint venture prospecting: Let me actively target companies offering products and services perfectly matched to the audience visiting select generic domains of yours, and in partnership with you, take on the responsibility to solicit ideally suited operating businesses that have solid prospect-to-sale conversion track records, negotiate with them, and close revenue-sharing deals. For example, if you told me that you’ve always felt a set of specific domains in your portfolio with significant regular traffic could earn much more income-- but actively pursuing another monetization opportunity is not compatible with your existing lifestyle or time limitations-- give me a chance to create a monetization joint venture on your behalf for each. As proof I can do this, I offer the following experience: I have successfully negotiated a number of lucrative joint venture deals in real estate, information affiliate marketing, and others (albeit admittedly none so significant yet as some of yours). I believe an easy and quick testing roll-out of this idea could be accomplished with minimal time investment on your part simply by your providing me with verbal authorization to represent 5-8 of your existing domain portfolio, with you of course as the final say on any deals struck. Upon success of such a test, I would propose allowing me to recruit a team of other such active joint venture prospectors. Each deal earning more income through the new joint venture than the existing domain asset does via parking would be one more business towards your goal of 100.

3. Joint venture & advertising commission sales team: Upon success of #1 and #2, let me recruit, train, motivate and manage a commission-only sales force who would operate a telephone sales effort responsible for actively presenting your domain name portfolio partnership and advertising options to strike revenue-sharing JV deals and/or sell advertising on your behalf. As proof I can do this, I offer the following experience: my real estate business partners and I have received to date over 1100 applications to work for free in our apprenticeship program at This was managed with resources, influence and opportunities that are small in comparison to yours; thus, I am confident recruiting a quality group of salespeople on your behalf can be managed without a great deal of input from you. Each joint venture deal created would be one more business towards your goal of 100.

What do you say, Rick?'

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz


6 thoughts on “ and the First TWO Actual emails to me from Danny!

  1. jj

    Hello Rick,
    It is a nice email from Danny Welsh. I have always wondered how a person would have convinced a potential partner like Edwin C. Barnes convinced Thomas Edison to become Edison’s partner, Warren buffet convinced Benjamin Graham to be his mentor, to name a few. I believe Good things are to come through this. Best wishes & regards. – Jagan Jag


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