RicksBlog.com is Moving for the New Age!

Morning Folks!!

In the next week or so RicksBlog.com is moving. After 6 years at Typepad, we will be starting our 7th year on Wordpress. Typepad works for me but it does have limitations and I am hoping this move will lead to wider circulation with new tools that I can use effectively.

For me this is all warming up for the real season that is starting now. After waiting so many years to START my journey I never wanted to do it before because tools and templates and other collaborative services were not around then that could be used effectively. That is no longer the case.

We know know what success looks like on the Internet as well as what failure looks like. We have more information and much more sophistication. Since I had no focus, my job was to wait out the first few rounds and enter at a different point in time. THIS point in time. I made a conscious decision that I had a better shot at success by waiting.

By waiting there would be more understanding as well. Demands and markets would develop and they have. In life we have all kinds of 'Ages' starting with the 'Dark Ages' and now surpassing the 'Information Age'. The Internet itself has gone through a parallel except the process was much faster. The dark ages may have been pre-domain names. The 'Bubble' could be another 'Age'. Then the era of 'Enlightenment' that we are just passing through. Etc. etc. etc.

That's how I see it. And if I were to see it that way and I did and I do, then maybe I would sit back and say it is better to work smarter and not harder and that all the effort required of the first 1-10 ages would have left me exhausted and spent when the REAL game began. So I looked at the first 20 as mere training for what is starting now. Training. Building a large footprint of a foundation and little more. Waiting for the right moment to have that foundation take shape and then begin to build something that will last for ages. Generational.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “RicksBlog.com is Moving for the New Age!

  1. Rick Schwartz

    Just another example of tools out there to do this that did not exist.
    But as need grows, folks fill in those voids.
    You can do it yourself or pay to have it done.

  2. UFO

    I’ve always considered typepad to be wordpress modified during its early stages as a hosted solution with more bells and whistles. Most ‘paid for services’ have basically lifted free source code and undertaken mods until you cannot see what they initially were. I’m reasonable sure that vbulletin is another example having originiated from phpbb.


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