The Marathon Called the Internet. The SPRINT Begins NOW! Winners and Losers.

Morning Folks!!

I wonder how many MILLIONS of folks tried to make money on the Internet and instead just got burned out? How many did not approach the net in a strategic manner? Ok, got me there. MOST did not approach the Internet in a strategic manner and therefore are either a generation behind or will have to rethink things.

The net is a marathon with a number of sprints in the middle. Problem is most don't know when to walk or when to run. But even if you are behind, there is ONE THING that can still vault you into contention if not the outright lead. If you approached this marathon the right way, DOMAINS were what you focused on FIRST and that gave us all the luxury of doing what we have done for all these years.

But now we are in for a 3 year sprint. A sprint to places we have not been or seen before. Mainly because there are so many tools now to employ and as long as you got the domain part right, the wind will ALWAYS be at your back from now on.

There are 2 kinds of companies. Those with online strategies and those that just know all the keywords to say without saying anything. Companies that get it and companies that are about to have their lunch eaten. Barnes and Noble vs Borders. One had an online strategy and one did not. One survived and one did not.

This will play out in sector after sector and industry after industry. EACH will have their Barnes and Noble that wins and each will have a Boarders and they lose.

So why can't otherwise intelligent people see this SIMPLE thing coming when we already have evidence?


Rick Schwartz


7 thoughts on “The Marathon Called the Internet. The SPRINT Begins NOW! Winners and Losers.

  1. Jen

    They’d just rather blame all their business ills on Obama, than to do any strategic business planning that’s why:)

  2. BullS

    Because They have old geezers who have MBAs(my Big Ass) working in the advertising dept that still think prints is the best thing since the invention of rice cooker and still uses land lines at home.

  3. Anthony

    This your termination letter.
    Over 6 month I’ve been subscribed to your blog with a desire to learn what makes a successful domain investor.
    Here is what I picked up thus far.
    1. You are very smart and people that buy your domains are also very smart.
    2. You have a vision and people that buy your domains also have a vision.
    3. You were in the right place at the right time, and that makes you very smart and gives you a vision.
    4. Everybody else that does now share your vision is a looser and has no vision.
    I think that pretty much sums it up.
    And since there is nothing more (or ever) to learn I have no choice to remove your blog from my reader.
    Good luck,
    Your former subscriber.

  4. Rick Schwartz

    Anthony, sorry to hear you are GIVING UP at the start of things.
    That’s what will make you a loser in life. Nothing I can say can or can’t do that.
    Sorry I took you out of your comfort zone.
    Your ACTIONS or anyones ACTIONS are what makes winners and losers. Or inactions.
    So you went off the deep end on #4.
    My vision does not invalidate sombody else’s vision.
    But if their vision fails….then what? Am I supposed to make believe there was a different reality?
    Did Borders have a chance to stay in business? Who dropped the ball there?
    Don’t you think disecting something like that has value?
    Decision makers that were trusted to make good decisions ran their company out of business.
    So is it off limits to point that out? Ask the CEO, President, 25 VP’s how they did that?
    Giving up is what makes somebody a loser Anthony. And if you are running away, then it is because I said something that hit close to home and pissed you off. Good!
    So if you have been reading for 6 months and got nothing….you are either on a different planet or have something else going on. I wish you luck former subscriber. Whatever you are looking for comes from within, so blame away!

  5. BullS

    Anthony — Loser! Loser! Loser!
    A big L on your forehead and one down on your A*Ss
    Gosh, I love losers, less competition and best of all they just have to watch at the sidelines sucking lollipops while the big boys play!!!

  6. DonnyM

    anthony- You forgot number #5 buy some”smart glasses” and you will see the future.
    Oh hold on- Rick bought less than a year ago. That could of been you if you were in the right place at the right time. LOL. Good luck whoever you are.

  7. DNR

    Some people need others to build their ‘road map’ for them precisely. They are not comfortable, and even terrified, to venture on their own understanding of acquired knowledge, aka wisdom. Apparently, Rick, your so-called ‘road map’ did not work for this person because he does not own the caliber of domains that you do. In business there are many roads to one destination, aka success. The secret is discovering one or more of these.


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