Who is Helen Keller? Why Should you Know Her?

Morning Folks!!

I can't stand self-pity. I can't stand the mindset of a victim. I can't stand to hear folks complain and whine about things they themselves control. Then spend most of their energy in life on excuses. Each if us are in charge of our own destiny except many either contract their destiny out or don't know they have control.

Deaf, Dumb (now they say 'Mute') and Blind but not STUPID! But not LAZY. But not full of SELF-PITY. But not a VICTIM.

So what's the excuse for ANYBODY today living in these times with tools and opportunity more than at any time in all of history? Laziness? Bad attitude? DUMB in the other sense?

During the past year or two I have mentioned Helen Keller to multiple persons. Two with a Masters Degree. The response: 'Who is Helen Keller?' Really? With a Masters? Are you kidding me?

Somewhere along the line we have dumbed down society to a point where some parts are virtually unrecognizable. Sorry, I just don't know how these people made it through Grade school, middle school, high school, college, post graduate degree and end up as an EMPTY VESSEL!

Maybe the top management at Borders went to the same schools? Maybe I am the idiot out of touch. But history is history and somewhere upon the building blocks called a FOUNDATION, there are things missing. Important things that make an impression on you and always keep you keenly aware of just how lucky you are to be living in this time and age.

Is it easy? It never is and it never was and it never will be. So deal with it. Who are WE to complain when besides all these tech tools we have the tools we were born with that she did not and she is a winner for the ages! So what is the excuse of so many when at this MOMENT there is more opportunity than all of history combined? Sorry they don't believe it.

The enemy is within. So no matter who you are, the enemy is within. Very few outside forces can stop true determination. You either have the constitution of a steam roller and move forward or you wallow in all the bullshit that swirls in the heads of those that don't get it. Once you harness the force within, very few things can stop you.

Helen Keller had a reason to be a victim and wallow in self pity and the story started there. But at SIX she began to grow out of it. At SIX. Deaf, Dumb, Blind. What's OUR excuse??

Here ya go:


Be sure to keep watching the videos. There is a video a commercial and another video and another commercial. The videos run a little over 1 minute each. Except when you get to Alexander Grahm Bell at 43 mnutes.

Did I mention she co-founded the ACLU?

Mark Twain, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin were among those on her Journey along with close to a dozen Presidents.

Graduated from Radcliffe with honors. Teacher, journalist, movie star, author and the list goes on and on.

And your excuse for whatever is what?

I think a day studying each Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Ben Franklin, The Wright Brothers will help you understand Jobs and Gates and maybe even YOU! Reach DEEP folks! We all have the ability to join this club. There are dozens if not hundreds more. Each story an inspiration. Take a week off. Go learn about the great men and women of history and ask how they could achieve so much with so little and today so many achieve so little with so much!! Ask that!

Then maybe you will understand why Monday is my favorite day of the week while the masses dread it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “Who is Helen Keller? Why Should you Know Her?

  1. Uzoma

    I want to be blunt. There’s no need sugar-coating it. The reason why it is harder for many to make it today, not withstanding the greatest invention by man: the internet, is DOUBLE-CLICK.COM.
    You see, Double-Click.com was operating their network in a weird way, and Google was operating in a fair way; many people went to Google, and earned a living doing so. But, unfortunately, Google bought Double-Click, and those weirdos took over the operation of the internet since 2008 or so, and since then, we are dealing with a monster. These guys are not Google material; they are underground people, and something has to be done by either congress, or whatever.
    Nobody is going to make it as far as those double-click guys are there. Nobody. There’s no panda, or teddy, or whatever; what you have is a bunch of hardcore people that was purchased with the double-click deal, and they are not Google material. Thank you.

  2. CateTV

    Amen! When I recently asked Peter Redford of TVI.com for some advice he started his answer with:”What I would do is 1st read the biography of Ernest Shackleton to see how he got so many people to join his”hazardous journey” Thousands of people responded to his ad. http://www.google.com/search?q=ernest+shackleton+ad&hl=en&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=HFRQUarQCImk8ASNxYDQAQ&ved=0CDIQsAQ&biw=768&bih=928
    And then I would…..”
    He started with history for me to learn something … One of the reasons Peter is a great leader …. Like you Rick and others …. Read/learn the …..

  3. Brandon

    Awesome Rick! I like that Monday is your favorite day of the week, I heard an awesome quote just a few days ago: Monday doesn’t suck, your job and your attitude sucks.


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