Flashback 1997. Getting back to Basics

Good Afternoon Folks!!

Every once in a while I stumble on something I wrote early on. Today I stumbled on this post I made from from 1997. It may be something to keep in mind when you try developing and experimenting.

'How do I measure progress or success on the net? I do it $1 at a time just like steps on a
ladder. As long as I am making a $1 more this day/week/month, then last,
day/week/month I am on the right path. I experiment with different pages in a way that never
ends. Once I have a page that does better than the previous one, then
that becomes my new 'Standard.' If I change that page only 2 things can happen. I will either
make $1 more or $1 less. If I make $1 more, I have a new 'Standard.'
If I make $1 less, I scrap the new page until I figure out WHY it made less and go back to
the safety of the last 'Standard' page. Using this method I never fell off
'My ladder' more than just a few dollars for just a few days and with one click of the mouse
it was easily corrected. The beauty is you are always climbing to new
heights and when you fail, you fail so small that it is just success in disguise.'
Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz