The Value of Just One Type-in a day

Morning Folks!!

If you are a true developer and ideas are what you have and you know how to make a website earn income, it does not matter what domain name you have. You will do well. You could do better with a great domain but that may only be marginal. The IDEA trumps all so let me state that for the record. With a great idea, you can do anything.

Now for everyone else, especially those buying and investing in domain names, let me explain why type ins are important. Are the key in my view of the internet and domains. Besides getting lucky and somebody just happening to want your brandable domain, not even that can happen unless it get at least ONE TYPE IN!

A type in is a validation of your thought process. If you can’t get just 1 person out of 6 billion to see what you see, what does that say? Let’s say you have a domain. There are 6 Billion people on the planet. It gets zero type ins for the entire year. So this means that each day of the year 6 billion people had the opportunity to type in your domain and none did. Do the math. 365 days x 6 Billion people = 2.19 TRILLION daily opportunities to type in a domain and nobody did!! Then of course you can take that 2.19 trillion number and multiply it my the number of websites that each person surfed to and multiply again. That is your chances of anyone typing in this domain and then the odds go up about being interested in this domain. Hey maybe the second year will be better.

On the other hand just ONE type in a day changes that equation to 1 in 6 billion. Do the math!! Focus on the numbers. 10 a day would be 1 in 600 million. 100 a day 1 in 60 million. 1000 a day 1 in 6 million. 10,000 a day 1 in 600,000.

So when you see the equation you come to realize how important just ONE type in a day is. When you realize that it becomes hard to buy domains with absolutely no traffic whatsoever. To me, these are not domain names, they are lottery tickets if they are based on a hunch or an event to come or a phrase to come or anything with zero traffic. I admit, I play the lottery with domains. But I also realize these are lottery type domains. Nothing more, nothing less.

Show me one domain with 10 visitors a day and I will say that has more value than a portfolio of thousands of domains with no traffic. One is an asset, the other a liability. I can double 10 and get 20. You can double zero and get….??

This is MY compass. It does not have to be your compass. But I believe I have made a compelling case why my way works. I believe I have demonstrated many times and many years why it works. How it works. Folks want to enter the domain business all the time, they want to know how to do it. Here my friends is your stating point. For those stuck with liabilities and not domains, nobody is forcing you to accept the same failing method you may have used yesterday. You can change it starting today.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz