When the Strong Hurt, the Weak get Crushed

Morning Folks!!

The first half of 2009 is over and now the tough times are coming. Put your head in the sand, fine with me, but when the big guys are hurting the small guys are getting decimated. Nobody runs around posting about their great failures but if they were to do that the boards would all crash from posts. Don’t kid yourself. A significant part of the domain industry is in absolute collapse. Large, worthless portfolios are burying the big and small worthless portfolios are making small guys look for a new formula because crappy domains STINK like dead fish.

Folks need to get out of their head that my posts are about doom and gloom, they are not. They articulate a problem and search for the bi-product. Search for the crevices in the economy that fortunes are made of. They are about navigating some of the toughest times we have faced in many decades and coming out of it stronger and with life changing businesses. But to do that it is about adjusting before being consumed. About being one step ahead and not one step behind. Those that are not 'Surprised' by events are prepared. They ask 'What if' questions and are not afraid of the answers. Nor do they dodge the question. The road is full of twists and turns and unexpected events. Knowing the terrain before others figure it out present great opportunity. So my posts are about opportunity and reality.

Significant amount of domainers are sitting on a worthless empire. That's reality. Renewing year after year waiting for the domain fairy to appear. The dream ends now. Those domains first try to be sold on the market and when nobody takes the bait, they are destined to drop and we’ll see if someone else can repeat failure.

So now even the big say this is a good time to sell some domains to make up the shortfall of PPC income. So we are getting some very nice domains coming to market at really good prices. If the guys with the crap want to turn it around, get rid of the crap and buy quality this time around. Nobody forces you to keep choosing domains that mean nothing. And until you hone your skill of picking domain names you can have complete access to .anything and you would still pick worthless domains. I see it with every new extension. Folks have their choice of quality if an extension is to hit at some point in the future and they still pick worthless or secondary domains. It’s almost like they are afraid to date the pretty girl.

This era will be the very last opportunity for domains that have meaning, that have value, that have great future value to be bought at prices that are downright cheap. Circumstance has made an appearance right into the middle of the domain world. I am not sure how long it will last. Months? Maybe a year or so. The one thing about domains, being unique assets and a once in a lifetime opportunity to but these domains, you still have to have cash to take advantage of what is out there. No cash, you are sitting on the sidelines. So even those in good shape that may be thin on cash need to get rid of their weaker domains to fill them in with stronger ones, ones that can fortify your portfolios and add great value.

Timing, timing, timing and then there is the time. This is the time. This is the best opportunity to buy domains since 2003. 6 years ago. So on one hand things are bad, but bad produces good, produces opportunity. So when you focus on the adverse you are likely to find the opportunity hidden in a place nobody is willing to look.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz