Where are the Numbers???? It’s all BS without NUMBERS!!

Morning Folks!!

This is the best! No, this is better! Forget them this is the way! No, this one has a better solution. So now that we have established that everyone is full of shit, it is time to allow them to redeem themselves.

Let’s talk NUMBERS folks!! Only numbers. Specific domains and specific numbers. Don't list one, that does not count.

List 50 domain names. List the income on ppc or whatever the starting page. List the income on a new solution. Mini -site, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, CPL, choose your poison. Let’s see NUMBERS not bluster. Numbers. Dozens of domains not isolated blips. Folks have 100,000 domains, so list 1000 names. Just 1% and let’s see numbers. Doing it once on one domain, does not count. You must be able to repeat and do it hundreds of times, thousands of times, not 3 times. List with daily traffic and earnings and then the revised numbers after any type revision. If you are not willing to post NUMBERS…..I believe nothing. Not just ONE domain. Minimum of 12. Then repeat next month. The following month as well. A solution for 1 month is no solution at all. Let me see a domain grow over 12 months, 24 months. Come on. I think it is all Bullshit. I think 90% of the posts these days are just self serving BS.

Now the truth of the matter is there are tried and true ways to make more money off a domain. First is building a full blown business. Second is hooking up with someone with a full blown business. Any questions? The whole point is being able to do this on a mass level and repeat, repeat, repeat. Let’s peel back all numbers, all costs, all time involved. Real numbers. Not percentages. Not hocus pocus. DOLLARS and CENTS!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz