The Posts I Write that Never get Posted.

Morning folks!!

I have so many posts that I write that I just never post. This year I posted many of those posts anyway as I want to be on record. Yet I have others that I have not posted. That just sit there. I want them for my personal record but some are a little too much to make public. Some things you just can’t talk about. You are not allowed to articulate an opinion without winding up certain folks and then dealing with the fallout. No skin off my nose. I still have the thoughts. I still have the beliefs. I just don’t share them as readily.

I have always stayed away from politics. However now that the center of business in the USA is in Washington and no longer in New York, the landscape has changed more in the last 200 days than the last 200 years. There is plenty to be concerned about. There is so much bullshit coming at us you just don’t know what to believe anymore. If the TRUTH matters, then all I can say is pay attention to the NUMBERS and filter out everything else. When you do that you will see that the real problems that we will all deal with long after the clowns and crooks in Washington are all gone.

People that act like the way the government is acting almost always end up in jail with their lives ruined. Let me see, they have a $10,000/mo income. Their bills are $12,000 a month. So they go out and go shopping and buy all types of things and sign all types of monthly contracts and borrow all types of money to do it. May as well buy a Rolls Royce since they are never going to pay it back anyway and since they are not going to pay it back and their credit is almost shot, let them spend their neighbors money as well.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Results of the TRAFFIC survey are in!

Good Morning Folks!!

The results were overwhelming...a bit less food, lower prices.
By a margin of 6-1.
I have stated this is YOUR
show. So we will try some different things in New York this October.
You will still get the same level of service and networking that you
have come to expect at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. The parties will all still be
great. You just won't gain as much weight as previous shows but there
will still be plenty of food and drink to make your networking and
business experience the best it can be.

Now your part in this experiment is to register early. Like right now. At $895 we are rewarding those who
commit early. This is the formula we need to still put on a great show.
The prices will eventually rise to $1495. This price level is important
to us as well. Some folks can't decide early for one reason or another
and that is fine, but we MUST charge more which again is part of an
overall formula to produce a first class no nonsense show that brings
new speakers and top level keynoters. So this is a significant savings
for your planning ahead and getting on board early. Plus spouse rates
are just $199.
HOWEVER, THIS PRICE IS ONLY GOOD until June 30th or 100 tickets, whichever comes first. So those who want great prices now have
the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars. The larger crowd that we
will attract will allow us to still serve great food and drink for
which T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has become known. You have three weeks! The price goes up no later than July 1.

We are already deep in planning the New York
show. It will come at a time that will prove to be more timely than any
other show we have ever put on. We are going to reach out way beyond
the domain industry to bring in new blood and new views as we trail
blaze together once again. We are in uncharted waters and many
decisions need to be made. This show will help you define a direction.
Chart a course. Start to focus on building and creating businesses by
studying the market, looking for voids and new opportunities.

Finally, let me take a minute to set the table and be clear about our
intentions. This is just an experiment. We are doing this to increase
attendance and open up TRAFFIC to a wider audience. We reserve the
right to increase prices back to regular levels if we see there are no
real results. So if price has been the barrier we have heard about for
so long, that barrier has been removed. This experiment only works when
we each do our part. Our job is to keep costs low and still provide the
great networking and speakers etc. Your job is to sign up
right now. For companies with multiple employees, this is a significant
savings for just making a decision right now over postponing it for 60
or 90 days. So please, help US, help YOU.

Thanks for your time!!
Rick and Howard