SEO or Spammers? The Smoke and Mirrors of Search and Spam

Morning Folks!!

I get more spam from SEO folks than any other group except the Viagra crowd, but why?? If they were that good why would they have to resort to spam? So most SEO guys are FAKERS! That’s the truth friends. There are some real ones, probably a few hundred. But the masses of SEO types are nothing but spammers that sell a bag a smoke liable to disappear by the time you read this or never appear at all.

Want the best SEO guy? Do a damn Google search! Pretty easy to find the winner! Meet Mic Tienken. He is the #1 guy at the moment. He may be dethroned by the time you read this.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: To clarify, I am talking about email spamming as well as telemarketing spamming.