How to Enjoy a Recession and come out of it with lots of Prizes!

Morning Folks!!

We are getting to the “Fun part” of the recession. The fun part is when folks just finally give up. They capitulate. It’s a given. Human nature wires folks to give up. Few persevere and see things through. I learned early on in life that looking back I would give up just before success was at hand. That’s what most people do. It’s a hard emotion to fight. However the ones that LEARN to fight it find success time and time again.

So that brings us to now. We are entering the “Giving up stage.” In many cases it is justified. In many others it is not. Do you know the difference? Can you tell the difference? Some are discriminating about fine wines and can tell even the slightest difference. Learn how to figure out the “Giving up stage” and you will have the finest wine for a lifetime.

Lots of folks don’t understand why I am so obsessed with the economy. What I would say to them is if you were in the middle of the ocean in a horrific hurricane, what would you be talking about? Domainers last year thought they were immune from the downturn. The truth is even if you make twice the money you are still being affected. Stores are closing. Services are disappearing. Staffs are dwindling. Choices are about to be fewer. So this is a lowering tide for all.

There are great deals to be had out there in almost every sector. The planet is on sale! Opportunity is everywhere. Until now the hardest thing was to do nothing knowing that things are still in freefall. We won’t see a bottom for quite some time. Any progress in unemployment numbers is a false blip due to seasonal hiring. That blip won’t last long. In about 60 days it will begin to hemorrhage as those seasonal jobs start to go bye bye.

So I believe the true bargains will be next fall and winter. So many will be forced to give up. But that is the point in which opportunity is created. That is the point to look for. The point to focus on. The point in time to be more aggressive than ever. Pedal to the metal. So it all comes back to timing. Timing IS everything and everything is nothing with the wrong timing.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz