Timing and Patience….Where to From Here?

Morning Folks!!

Timing is everything. Go back to my oldest posts on the net and you will see my obsession with timing. Nothing matters more. It’s pretty close to everything in my equation. The only other thing I pay particular attention to is having patience. Patience and timing is everything to me and hardly on the radar screen for others. It’s like jumping rope, the only thing that counts is the patience to time your entry and then time your jumps exactly right.

I think I can safely say that in the years ahead, TRAFFIC will hit nearly every corner of the world. The expansion and aggressive schedule may be met with some resistance at first blush as there is no question there is “Show Fatigue” in the industry. But going forward things are changing. There is a fairly long hiatus between now and the next TRAFFIC in late October. More than 4 months and a season and a half away. Since we won’t be going to New York in 2010, there is some serious business we need to accomplish there. I am here to tell you that the timing for the NY show is perfect. When you see the slate of speakers and topics we will cover and the fact that doors that were closed to us before are now open, you too will realize how important timing is.

I am sure there are many opinions about doing these shows and the aggressive schedule. So far, almost all positive. Folks know we are going to do some major trailblazing that makes the path less resistant for everyone.


The two Rick’s unleashed and clawing their way to the future and the promises they hold for all of us. Get ready for some real progress. Major breakthroughs. Nothing happens overnight, but I can certainly say that in a year or two from now the decisions that were made this week will not only transform TRAFFIC but will transform the industry and every sponsor and every domainer will benefit. This is really the biggest thing since TRAFFIC was announced 5 years ago. Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be a wild, exciting and profitable ride for everyone that participates. Howard and I are thrilled that we will all be joining forces to work for a common goal. Don’t worry about who you like and who you don’t. Worry about making as much money as you can and having a great life for you and your family. Rick, Howard and I as well as our support teams and families will do everything we can to bring all of us to a place we all know we should be. Call it passion, call it obsession, call it anything you want, but we are all driven because we KNOW the power and value of our assets and it is up to US to make sure that the WORLD knows.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz