Can Friendships Hurt your Overall Business?

Morning Folks!!

Can Friendship hurt your Overall Business? Ever think about that one? Ever think that getting too close to business associates can work against you just as it can work for you? Can cloud your judgment, your business sensibilities and responsibilities and even values?

I think when you examine it there is a very fine line. It’s not easy to come to decisions to begin with, but how much should the friendship weigh when you are in a business environment and making business decisions?

As time goes on this will be a question that more and more domainers will be asking. They have to ask. We are dealing with survival in many cases if not all cases.

These are not easy questions. They may not even be questions you have thought about. But when you are faced with the crossroads, what do you actually do? I often describe myself as “Loyal to a fault.” It is actually something I am fighting. Sometimes loyalty can go too far. Can flirt with what you believe is acceptable, unacceptable and what you believe in is right even when they are your friends.

The industry is becoming a very tangled web. So many folks doing business with other folks and friends and there is a point where the cross business can actually become a hindrance. So many “Type A” personalities., so many egos, lots of peer pressure, so many desires and dreams, so many this and that all rolled together and here we are. We will experience the good, the bad and the ugly. As it should be I guess. However much more interesting when you can pull back for a moment to separate the positives from the negatives, the good things from the bad things, the understanding of the role each of us play, and how we interact.

Friendships can be the foundation of a business or the undoing of it.

We are an industry of friends and associates and personalities networking together with many that irritate this one or that one. At some point the irritation can poison the water but so too can the friendship. Can override the main mission. Can distract and destroy. Business has no friends. Business is all about friends. Two sides of a tight rope.

Just something to think about and how it relates to our little universe. Einstein once said something like he really was not that smart, he just spent more time thinking about things and went deeper than others.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz