Ed, Farrah and Michael…..My Thoughts….

Morning Folks!!

Funny, human nature sometimes prevents us from realizing how much impact a person makes in your life until they are gone. I was never a crazy Michael Jackson fan. However I can say several of his songs put me in specific places in my life at specific times. For Michael Jackson it was cruising down Van Nuys Blvd looking for girls when I was in High School and the one single moment I can remember most vividly of that era was listening to the Jackson 5 on that Friday night. Decades ago but I can still touch it with my mind like it was last Friday Night.

This morning I also learned something that we both went to the same high school in Encino. Different years, but I was surprised nonetheless when I heard that this morning.

I guess I look at him and see 3 stages of a life. The first stage was the Jackson 5 and I still remember their appearance on Ed Sullivan. The kid stole the stage and it was so obvious that nobody could compete. Then of course there is the “Thriller” stage that probably secured his place in history and not just here but throughout the world. I am seeing how intense his fan base is. Finally the weird stage in which we have all been a witness to over the last years. The man in the mask. The man with boys. The man that nobody could really define. Shocked by his death but not surprised.

So in the days ahead we will find out how he actually died. It probably won’t a be a pretty picture. I won't post my guess here, but I don't think this will be a great mystery.

This has been a tough week but an interesting thread and lesson to be learned. For me these 3 are of my era. I was around to see all in their big day. All 3 were cultural icons in one way or another of their time. Ed McMahon died of old age. Farrah died of cancer, Michael died too soon. Someone put it like this: Death of the elderly, the sick and the sudden. The 3 faces of death. Which one will we have?

Born to die with a few years of life sandwiched in between and folks waste time with bullshit and crap.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz