How to open up an Incestuous Industry to New Blood…..

Morning Folks!!

I have often said we are an incestuous industry since most business in the domain industry are with other domainers and not with end users and those beyond our sphere. If you lived in a town with only relatives you might have problems unless you bring in new folks with new blood.

I think that is the one common thread that among others that unite Rick, Rick and Howard. The vision we all have is pulling the rest of the universe into our orbit by explaining how they benefit doing business with us. That allows everybody to expand while the rest of the universe is contracting.

So what will be different are the faces. The companies. The opportunities. The willingness of others to do business with us now that they are forced to focus on sales not egos. Imagine that, sales is about to be the focus instead of an ego stroking Super Bowl commercial that corporate America has been wasting $$$ on for way too long. Time to get real. Come on! for the price of a commercial?? A CRIME!! Not anymore. That opportunity is gone. It will be $30 million, $50 million, $100 million the next time that domain changes hands.

What’s the value of a great domain name? NOW is the TIME to prove with OUR numbers, what a domain is worth by comparing costs and limitations of a brick and mortar store compared to one online without limitations. The TIME is right to do this because the focus is on sales. Problem is, does anyone remember how to sell?

The times we are in present an opportunity and that is why we can transform an incestuous industry into one that flows with other industries that can benefit from us and in turn we can benefit from them. Having a team of folks devoted to making this happen will change not only the face of TRAFFIC, but of the entire industry. When we look back in 18 months from now, folks will be amazed what we have accomplished during the most challenging economic times in our lives.

It’s hard to articulate everything we envision. But as it unfolds in New York, Amsterdam and Las Vegas in the next months you will have a front row seat to history in the making. Then it will be ready for the world stage. Hitting every continent and every corner of the business world in the years to come.

Expanding a great industry to include folks that should be included. New blood. New opportunity. New ways to make money. New ways to market what you have. New ways to profit off traffic. New ways to explain traffic. New ways with new markets with new ideas. The end result is a rising tide for all and hopefully a consolidation of the industry into an economic powerhouse instead of thousands of sputtering engines.

We know there is show fatigue. But we also know there is a reason for that and know the spark it needs to bring everyone under one tent as we move into the future. Too many bright minds in this space to all be going in different directions. We have the collective power to accomplish anything. Haven’t we wasted enough time?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz