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When I grew up there really was free speech. The tone of the conversation was different. There was right and wrong. Good and bad. Not today. Today, the water is muddy and that is not a good thing. Today it is 'Intimidated' free speech. You really can't say what you think without a host of accusations and insults hurled at you. With Government now inside of business to a degree we have never seen, on the verge of the taxes going over 50%, it becomes increasingly hard to separate things. Imagine getting the quality of health care determined by your party affiliation. Scary thought no matter where you stand on the issue. Your life may depend on the party in power?

But that is not the motivation for this post.

I listen to all the babble about what happened last week in Cambridge between the Police Officer and the Harvard Professor. Lots of excuses and lots of rhetoric but few have taken the time to read the police report, which is supported by the eye witness statement and those of others.

Let’s cut out all the crap. Pretty sick of it. If the same thing were to happen to me and I was found jimmying my back door and the cops responded to a call, I would gladly show them my ID and I would THANK THEM for trying to protect my property! I would thank them over and over again! That seems to be missing from the conversation. That is what I would do. I think that is what most folks would do. Especially since Mr. Gates himself said his home was burglarized in the past. Sorry, I just don't get it. Maybe the professor was loaded for bear before the office ever arrived. This is not Selma Alabama. This is Cambridge Mass. Arguably the most progressive area in the entire country. So what is really go on?

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Rick Schwartz

P.S. I purposely left a lot out of this post. I am sure what I left out will be stated. I do want to share some interesting insight. Today Donna Brazille, a high up Democratic Party Strategist made an interesting comment. She said that when she grew up her parents instilled in her that when she was pulled over by the police was not to argue. Just pull over. Answer his questions and cooperate. She said that because she believes that her parents told her that because she was black. And being black I won't argue that you have much more problems. However, my parents told me the same thing. Everyone I know was taught you don't run from the police, you do what you are told in a 'Situation' and that you don't mouth off. So many things are just not racial and you can't wrap up life in a racial wrapper. There is right and wrong and it cuts through race and religion and nationality.

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  1. Dave Wrixon aka Rubber Duck

    The only thing we should be making judgment on at this stage is Obama’s decision to comment before due process was complete. It would seem that his ineptitude extends way beyond financial matters.

  2. Pred

    I agree Rick, when the police turned up, they should have been thanked and the silly mistake brushed aside and explained, BUT, U.S police do appear to be extremeley aggressive, and no doubt would have turned up with guns drawn etc,as you have such a nightmare problem with guns in the U.S.
    anyway, one quote from the article had me chuckling, when asked to go outside he allegedly said:
    “ya, I’ll speak with your mama outside”

  3. Josh

    I think Gates had a little chip on his shoulder, maybe about prior wrongs decades ago when our country was different. The police didn’t just stop on their own and demand his ID. They were called to the scene by a neighbor who suspected a break-in.
    But speaking of freedom of speech. Shouldn’t you be able to stand in your own house or your own porch, and call a police officer a racist? Shouldn’t you have that right? A police officer doesn’t like that you yelled at him while you were on your own property and he can arrest you just for yelling at him? I could see it in a public place, but on private property was surprising. Did Gates overreact and act rudely? Sure. But shouldn’t you be able to disagree with a police officer on your own property without going to jail?
    You actually have less and less freedoms every year in this country. Most people are asleep at the wheel. The government is about to tell you what light bulbs you can use, how much energy your house can consume, what you can and cannot eat. The party responsible for your healthcare (the government) will feel free to regulate what you eat like never before to”control costs”.

  4. Helder

    If that man wasn’t a friend of the president this wouldn’t be discussed, and it was only brought to public because the president criticized the police with no reason IMO.
    I’m going to say something that might be polemical, but i believe that some people take advantage of racism to vitimize themselves, i’m from Portugal, and i can tell you that i see a lot of times, people who are breaking a rule or a law turn to the police and say:”you’re only doing this because i’m black”
    I get a bit sick of those things, because police acts because it’s the law, and the law is to everyone, black, white or yellow or whatever.
    Racism is something that unfortunatelly exists, but it exists in every race, there are white racists, but there are also black racists, yellow racists, and so on, so it’s time for people to stop playing the victim part just because they’re from a specific race no matter which one.

  5. Kevin

    The worst thing, in a situation like this, is to disrespect or hassle a police officer. Odds are even with a good cop you’re going to escalate and worsen the situation. That’s just the way it is. That badge gives them the power to mess with you, pure and simple. So don’t even go there.
    Obama should have never even commented on the case. Obama should have never said the cops acted stupidly.
    Fact of the matter is the officer was responding to a 911 burglary in progress call which is a code 3 level response. Officers usually go in with guns drawn on this call and anyone seen on the property is suspect. On this call the wit reported 2 black males breaking into the home. So when an officer responds and he’s got 1 male (gates) he’s dealing with and the other male isn’t immediately present for all he knows the other male could be holding the guys wife at gunpoint in a backroom. You just never know what the real deal is until you interview all the people and assemble the facts.
    Gates clearly got beligerent and once you go there you’re in disorderly conduct land and that is exactly what happened to him.
    The officer was following standard police procedure.
    Clearly had Gates stay calm and not played the racial card on the cop, the disorderly conduct wouldn’t have happened and he wouldn’t have been arrested.
    Police officers have one of the hardest jobs out there. You never know what will happen on every call. You usually have to deal with upset, drunk or drugged morons who aren’t acting rationally. The most dangerous calls are domestic violence ones where cops can walk into a house with explosive anger happening. You never know who has a gun on them.

  6. jblack

    Perhaps since Gates knew he was a friend of the president he mouthed off purposely to cause a national scene. Seems he miscalculated a tad and embarrased his friend who stupidly intervened in a minor local matter most unfitting of the duties of the nation’s highest office.
    Rubber Duck, well said.

  7. art

    Post-racial? Post-partisan? Transparent? A lover of America? Not quite as advertised. And when you think you’ve figured out his agenda, better watch out again. Wake up America, you are being sent to the back of the train by people who will be forever aggrieved and insulted, not just by color but religion.

  8. Graham

    Rick, this is OT but it’s something I’ve noticed about your posts in the last months.
    I reread your posts many times every day and you have changed. Scroll down your homepage and stop anywhere
    and pick a sentence. You are always complaining! Every sentence you write is negative.
    Just thought I’d steer you towards the light! :)

  9. jp

    I hate to point it out but people mouthing off to you for saying whatever you want is still free speech, even including the accusations. It goes both ways.
    No free speech is when you get arrested or fined for saying what you want. Check out Wikipedia’s article on”Hate Speech”. Hate Speech laws limit freedom of speech. There is a list of countries there that have Hate Speech laws, and you guessed it, America is on the list.
    Regargind the cops. I don’t care what flavor or person you are. Usually best to do what they say because they are corrupt (as a generalization). You never know what you are getting into and Mr. Officer has more power then you (he/she’s got a gun he’s allowed to use on you). Now I will agree that due to racisim, and certain parts of the country you are better off with the cops as a white guy than a black guy, but either way be careful.

  10. Tyler

    jp that was the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read. A cop isn’t just allowed to use his gun on you and they aren’t corrupt as you say. You wouldn’t walk in to a dark alley for a million bucks but a cop has to do it for a lot less. You can’t fathom the life of a police officer and the sacrifice they give to keep you safe while you click around on your computer. Most cops have trouble maintaining friendships with people that are not cops because people are always asking about some ticket or not inviting you to a party because they’ll be doing drugs left and right. It is a commitment, and although corruption permeates every crevice of our society, the majority of them are not. Treat a stressed out officer with disrespect and he/she will turn you into a little pet project to blow off some steam, just like your waiter/waitress with spit in your food if you verbally harass them.


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