Domain Industry Surpasses Real Estate Industry?

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Do you realize that in time the Domain Industry will surpass the Real Estate industry in several categories? The first one may have already happened. The number of total domain registrations vs. parcels of property on planet earth. I know, you probably never even thought about it. But now that you have……

The second number that will fall and again may have already fallen is the number of domains transactions vs. number of real estate closings. I don’t know the numbers, but I sure as hell know that one is gaining on the other at warp speeds.

The third number is the big one. The one we may never surpass. Then again, who knows? That would be the total dollar volume of domain transactions vs. the total dollar volume of real estate closings. But even here we are in a race that started thousands of years ago for real estate and only a decade or two for domains.

The parallels with real estate have always been very real. Except the domain can be much more powerful and has unlimited expansion possibilities. The domain has natural resources that have yet to be discovered. The difference is now the world is beginning to see what we see. Even if only a few.

Real estate is just one of the parallels. I see many others as well. The world will see many others in time.

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Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “Domain Industry Surpasses Real Estate Industry?

  1. Farid Mammadov

    Rick, I am totally agree with you. Please continue your blogging for us.

  2. EM @ KING.NET

    It’s hard to compare based on sales.
    Domainers sold domain names range $100 to $1000 for 80% for entire domain transactions.
    While real estate is in $100K to $500K in average range per transaction.
    Just a thought.

  3. Kevin

    I don’t think on that 3rd one the value of domains will ever exceed the value of all real estate on earth, but if you factor in the value of domains like, and all the ones that gone public, domains are well into the hundreds of billions in value by including the underlying businesses built on the developed ones. :)
    Speaking of real estate, I’m expanding with Independent Brokers like in the Real Estate industry with Sub-Domains on BTD right now. So anyone interested please contact me and I’ll explain the details. (pardon the shameless plug LOL)

  4. jp

    Often domainers and others compare domains to Real Estate, however I think it is more appropriate to compare domains to Land (although you could argue that Land and Real Estate are in the same category). IMHO The Real Estate comparison should be to the website that is built on the domain.

  5. Altaf

    It is very difficult to forecast anything. Before PC/Computer came my father or grand-father never thought or guessed of it. They saw after Wright Bros. invented the Aeroplane,but could not forecast it. Before internet came could any one think of it? May be. Then came the internet, email, domains and WS-a huge development.Who thought about it before?
    And now what is coming next is a matter of thought. And with the advent of the internet the communications amongst the researchers became soooo close that many more new investions will come up that you and me never could even think about.
    With due respect to Rick and Kevin, may be you are right..

  6. Kevin

    Just remember in the long run destruction is a positive for us. Destruction clears away what’s not working. Destruction clears away the BS like all those that got sucked into believing real estate could keep going up in price forever. Destruction clears the playing field, and enables only the strong and ones with unrelenting fortitude to survive. But more than anything Destruction creates tremendous opportunities not only to figure out solutions to the stop the Destruction, but to rebuild new businesses that are stronger and driven by wiser entrepreneurs.
    I’m beginning to like the Destruction actually. It’s stimulating my ideas every day to create new ways to expand revenues in the most challenging economy of our lifetime and thinking of ways to stay ahead of the competition and out do the competition. So bring it on!

  7. John Beck Property Vault

    It is no wonder that laws are enacted and rules are changed that affect people who had no say in it formation. Attorney General Como should have the courage to get this fixed. He meant well, but the system is not perfect. To make absolute rules like this is absurd.

  8. Free and Clear

    Local Realtors said they have seen business decline between 30 percent and 40 percent so far this year when the housing crisis really struck. Mortgages that people couldn’t afford, combined with job losses and layoffs.


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