Number, Numbers, Numbers and the Liars Behind Them!

Morning Folks!!

You can talk about religion, you can talk about politics, you could talk about everything that you are not supposed to talk about. But when it comes to numbers, the WORLD has Attention Deficit Disorder. (ADD)

I don’t know what it is. Numbers are an exact science of which there is no equal. There is no hiding from. There is no personality or political affiliation or religious one either. I can never hold somebody’s attention long enough to follow the numbers and see the result. The bottom line, they think miraculously they can WISH and make the answer different than it is. Well, good luck!

Numbers are the roadmap of the universe. WTF is wrong with folks that shy away from the absolute reality that a number provides? This to me is the most puzzling human nature phenomenon that I see and deal with. Are you scared of numbers? Do you know folks that are?

The bottom line is if you don’t KNOW numbers, embrace numbers, follow the numbers, then you will work life in the blind. With misinformation because you will be forced to swallow other peoples numbers because you have no idea about the real numbers.

Folks bastardize numbers to suit their cause. If you don’t know the numbers, if you don’t know they are full of shit, you will go through life being gullible and making bad deals. Believing anything anyone feeds you because you can’t figure it out yourself. The result will be many unnecessary failures. Very costly ones. They won’t improve your life. That is also an EXACT science.

There is no more satisfying feeling than when someone presents their numbers to you and you look them in the eye and say….”You are full of shit.” Then proceed to destroy their NUMBERS because it is based on nothing. And even if they get it all right, it is easy to go in and list all the things they just conveniently omitted They omit it because it is small and does not count. First of all believe me, it counts! Second of all be sure to multiply all the little stuff because amazing as it is, it always adds up bigger than the big stuff.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “Number, Numbers, Numbers and the Liars Behind Them!

  1. domain guy

    when i saw with 40k hits per month 6 yrs ago i thought this must be a typo.but it was not and sold for 1.3 million. com sold for 3 million plus i have no idea what the number of hits was.
    this is why the domain king needs to lead the industry again and show the number of hits corresponding to each domain before the auction..and of course set a presenance with rick laterno.coercing evert one else to do the same and set the standard for the domain industry.

  2. Dave Wrixon aka Rubber Duck

    Exactly what I have been trying to tell people about US Government Statistics. GDP, Inflation, Unemployment, you name it, all complete bullshit.

  3. S. Mugavero

    “This to me is the most puzzling human nature phenomenon that I see and deal with. Are you scared of numbers? Do you know folks that are?”
    To me this may have been the Strongest thing you have ever said Rick.
    I’ve been right there since the beginning of the”Big Board” (the hardest place on the internet to get to) and so many of your words my friend have rang true.. i’ll touch more on this.. soon.. here.. in 1997 when I realized the power a generic domain held and then searched just a bit further and found you and your board I have been in awe of what a visionary you are.. How you articulate the future as you see it unfolding in your mind… thank you.. Few do realize it as you said it 10+ years ago”No question that “big business” could not react quickly enough to take full advantage of the dotcom rush. History will show that they blew it. They were asleep at the wheel while the greatest shift in power since the invention of television has occurred right under their noses.” It was true then as as things unfold and then as things come full circle.. we see it again…. maybe Big business not seeing it then and STILL many of them not getting it now is a GOOD thing Rick for us, true domainers… I was hesitant to give Rick L. a green light on auctioning with a low reserve, probably one of the biggest domains in the .net space.. In short they still dont know, many domain holders are struggling right know unable to decipher a great domain from a domain thatb doesnt warrant a renewal. Therein lies opportunity, opportunity that hasnt shown its face since th late 90’s and when everyone was talking about the internet died… those were the days when I captured my greatest assets.. Ones that pay 300+ ROI.. Those days are upon us folks, the window I believe is small. point is right now there are HUGE domains being sold with crappy domains just because the current owners cant tell gold from tin.. FULL CIRCLE we’ve come… it will be short lived.. a great opportunity however for even the newest domainer if they can see the hidden treasure within lists of domains… thanks Rick…
    S. Mugavero


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