Spectacle or Memorial?

Morning Folks!!

What can you say….we are about to see one of the most outrageous scenes ever unfold and it is going to happen before all of us at the same time. With a lot of people, a lot of things can happen. Is this going to be OJ with an MJ twist? They say 1 BILLION people are going to watch this spectacle. A celebratory memorial filled with celebrity wrapped up in a concert and beamed worldwide. Wonder if there will be any sponsors?

So let’s just hope this day goes smooth and safe. No matter how it unfolds, we will long remember this day. We will long remember what unfolds today. This is a story that is just starting, not ending. Arrests, trials, an under ground unmasked, a racial component and more is what is to come. This could turn very ugly.

Either way, today and what is to come is a study in human nature. Look at it closely. The good news is new music will be released and some of it will be great.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “Spectacle or Memorial?


    I’m so sick and tired of the media pandering to the American dumb numb. With all of the important things going on in the world today and all week, (Russia’s reaction to Obama’s speech – Palin leaving office – Sanford NOT leaving office – Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Chinese massacres) we are being subjected to this media circus about the accused pedophile. Where the hell are our priorities? What has happened to the American psyche that we are consumed with this bullshit? Like Rome, with this attitude, we are destined to destroy ourselves from within.

  2. Fuckyou

    I hope you die in front of your children than they die of aids in a long and painful way.

  3. Just a Writer

    Good riddance to a pervert who molested children. He can no longer prey on young boys–THAT’S what we should be celebrating. He got away with his perversions because he hired a smart lawyer who intimidated witnesses.
    Other witnesses were paid off to keep quiet. Ah, yes, the power of the almighty $$$!
    All of you MJ lovers will find out soon enough just how perverted this creep was.
    Sick, sick, sick culture that worships at the altar of perversity and depravity.
    Yes, I celebrate his death.


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