My Summer Vacation is Now Over! Here is Where I Spend Them.

Morning Folks!!

For the last 7 summers I head to the mountains where it is a bit cooler and I can relax and recharge my batteries. I have an 11 acre summer home which actually has almost the same square footage as my regular home. I love the place. We also come up in the fall or the spring for about 2 weeks. It's a place that you could call 'Off the grid'.

I have my own well, my own generator, bushes with berries and trees with walnuts. I have a red barn I have only been in once. A tack area for ponies and the neighbors raise alpacas. It is quiet and uneventful. As you can see, it has been a 'Working Vacation'.


But I am packing up today for the journey back to Florida tomorrow. There I will find a brand new office that I had custom designed since I spend so many hours of my life there. I have been working with the decorator and contractor for nearly a year to get it PERFECT! I get to see the progress during the day with my live cams and that is pretty cool. The Internet is just so cool.

So I am pretty excited to see how it all came out. I am a home body after spending more than the first half of my adult life living from hotel to hotel and flying almost every single day. All those years on the road and all I really wanted was a home.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “My Summer Vacation is Now Over! Here is Where I Spend Them.

  1. Blue Runner

    Extremely nice, Rick. I love the country and Florida/ocean as well.
    I live in the country on a few acres and have my own spring that pumps about 300-600 gallons an hour, depending on whether we are in a drought or not, my own crops — corn, apples, peaches, etc.., a one acre pond with catfish, bass, etc… Deer are everywhere. I simply love it, but do miss the ocean quite often.
    I’ve been exploring where to move in Florida for over two years now…still looking.
    Domains are one of those unique things that allow you to live where you want if you really want to. We are all so fortunate.

  2. Michael

    Motivation right here in this post. You just motivated me to work another 20 hour day tomorrow with a smile.
    Thank you, Rick.

  3. Bob

    Hard work my arse.. Hard work is being a soldier, a doctor, a fireman not selling domain names sat on your arse!


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