Of Course Corporations ARE People……

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Sometimes political debates are idiotic. This is such a case. It usually comes down to something clear and simple. 1+1=2. To me this is clear and simple. Not sure what I am missing. But I am sure many will chime in. But BS is BS and this is BS. It's simply out there as a straw man so we can fight about something that has no merit or meaning. I would assume EVERYONE reading this wants to hit it big and make their corp as big and profitable as possible.

So the raging debate is whether Corporations are people? The answer....of course people make up corporations. The great middle class works for corporations. Corporations need to make a profit to survive and create jobs. No profits = No jobs.

Last time I looked, corpoations employ people. If corporations do bad, so do we. If corporations can't afford to hire, we have unemployment. This is the DUMBEST debate I have ever seen in my entire business life. Just dumb. Idiotic. And as BUSINESS people there is no reason to get in this FALSE argument.

If a corporation does something wrong or illegal it was a PERSON or PERSONS that did wrong or something illegal. See how silly this all is? And as a public we buy into this nonsense.

As domainers with their own corporations does it run without you? Without you paying bills? Without you going to work every day? If everyone had a corporation and employed just ONE person, we would have to attract 100 million people from around the world just to fill those jobs. Did I say 'People'?

Corporations also have stock holders. The pension funds of millions of PEOPLE rest on the profits of corporations. I just don't see how you can put down corporations and also create jobs. Just not possible to walk east and west at then SAME time.

I guess you can make a debate about anything. But some debates and some issues are just idiotic and this is one of them. When you try to make something political that is not political. This is what I would call 'Splitting hairs' when there is virtually nothing to split.

From wikipedia:

'Despite not being natural persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like natural persons ('people'). Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state, and they can themselves be responsible for human rights violations.'

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “Of Course Corporations ARE People……

  1. Martin

    While I generally agree with many of your business diatribes…this one is mere sophistry posing as reason.
    A corporation is a fictious legal entity, it is not a people or a person and no somersault of logic will make this the case.
    It is this relativistic type of argument that has destroyed this Republic. Words have meaning!!! It is this same predicate that has been the basis for progressive left to claim marriage is no longer a relationship between a man & a woman.
    Yes…2 + 2 = 4
    I like to say A = A
    Corporations are NOT people.
    Sorry,…but it seems you have reached a conclusion and are working backwards with reasoning to support it. No person employing the faculties of reason can say corporations are people.
    Such ‘logic’ is a stepping stone to fascism.

  2. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    This whole thing about Corporations being people is not only B.S. it is Hog Wash as well. Have you ever seen a corporation take a Shit?or even given a shit about human beings? Corporations are not fingerprinted nor singular entities in any way. They are groups of people steered by a privalaged few who are taxed completely differently than me or you. They are corporate entities that in most cases are tried in court under a completely different set of rules not enjoyed by mere mortals. H O G W A S H and anyone especially lawyers know this.
    Why is it that corporations can buy elections and yet they cannot VOTE?
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Donny

    Maybe legally you can say that but if you reverse engineer it, it all goes back to being a person. Just like republicans or democrats they are all individuals but get to hide behind a group or you could even say corporation if you dare.
    It is just a legal way to get away with stuff by being a corporation, but regardless when you break it down it is the people or person in that corporation that it either helping or destroying the company.
    If you’re buying bad domain names and illegal trademarks under a corporation is that a person doing it, or a corporation doing it.
    AHHHH ahhh haaaa.

  4. Danny Pryor

    This issue is ultimately more complex and much more simple than people realize. I am a corporation and a person. Corporations do not have eligibility to vote, but the people within them do. And if corporations are not treated equally under the law, then we have major problems when it comes to legislating industry, commerce and the people that run those things. I never shamelessly plug a website on your blog, Rick, but back when I thought I might enjoy being more politically active and writing about these kinds of things (before I got smart and just DID what needed to be done), I wrote this post on YourLiberty.com (a domain I bought on the aftermarket, I might add): http://yourliberty.com/rights/corporate/corporate.php. I’m planning to retooling the site, but the old posts will remain intact; meanwhile, if people will read through the SCOTUS decision, they’ll get an education and understand why the ruling HAD TO BE MADE!!!
    Yes, corporations are run by people, and the corporations must be accorded equal protections and equal responsibilities under the law, if they are to function properly. This, by the way, was part of the foundation of Citizens United. :-))
    And don’t go calling me a closet conservative again. I already know that.

  5. Show us the money..

    I had quite a debate with some economists a few months back telling them that Corporations are NOT people. They shouldn’t be treated as people and taxing them more was nonsense.
    Corporations consume nothing, they only act as a production conduit taking resource and transforming it into something else. A non living entity cannot consume something.
    In terms of tax, most nations allow the pass through of tax credits, which means tax paid on profits can passed through via imputation credits to dividends paid out. There are some tax tricks though as non resident taxpayers wouldn’t get the full benefit. But generally it’s a bit zero sum trying to nail corporates.
    All taxes are taxes on consumption, why not simply go direct to the comsumers than playing silly buggers inefficiency with endless compliance on industry.


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