Phones on Fire. Phone Bidding HOT! Ricks Personal Picks for the Auction.

Morning Folks!!

Now that folks see that nearly 60% of every domain at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is NO RESERVE and there are some DEALS to be had, our phone registration page is now the busiest page on our website!

We can handle up to 10 phone bidders on any single lot. Thse bidders must be registered by next Friday October 5th to be included. Once we have 10 phone bidders on any particular domain, we will cut off the signups. So if you are really serious about getting a bargain, there should be a sense of urgency in your actions. You can't wait until the last minute and be included. Sorry.

Tuesday we closed auction submissions early as we had more contracts out than slots we really wanted to fill. So I can post the final list this Friday instead of just closing submissions. That gives you more time to research the domains and I can tell you there is gold in them thar hills. Domains that meet my threshold of a 10x-100x upside when you look at it thru my eyes and how I look at domains. 6 figure domains that can be bought for a few grand. Domains that Fortune 500 companies can use in an advertising campaign.

Now that the contracts are signed and I can sit back and look at what I have put together. Check out lot #140 with no reserve. Some I don't like. But there are some there I really like and I think others may just see a few names that have value. and DUH! No Reserve. $1 takes them. Maybe. Doubful. No way. CONTEST!

Lot #104 a city name for $1000 reserve. Are you kidding? BARGAIN! Somebody could flip for $10k or hold out for more.

Lot #105 It's not $1MM. It's not even $500k. It's not $250k. It's not even half that as a reserve. It's a great domain. Will a domainer buy it? Long shot. But an end user could gobble it up if we get the word out.

Lot#106 (No Reserve) Somebody is going to be the tool shed for that market. The next Adam Dicker. Then again Maybe Adam Dicker will not allow that. Who knows?

Lot#111 (No Reserve) It's a business. It may be passe for some, but it is still a viable business and this proves it:

Lot#112 (Aggressively Priced) and mean aggresively if you want to make a dent in a market. It's another business in a domain name.

Lot#114 (Low Reserve) You don't buy yesterday you go for tomorrow. With self driving Google cars release this week, smart glasses on the horizon. It's called investing for a reason. You bet on a hunch.

Lot#119 (Opportunity knocking) Another domain that can change your destiny.

Lot#120 and 7400 August type ins (Greatly Reduced) This domain is about 50% off what it has been listed for in the past. Another business in a domain. Another category you can own.

Lot#141 (No Reserve) Imagine ME picking a .CO!! But this one has meaning and is a good use of .CO. A natural use.

I may do this again. I just picked a handful. But I saw something in every domain I picked. I don't use Estibot, I use my gut. But somebody plugged my list into Estibot yesterday and the resuts suprised me on both ends of the spectrum. It has helpful info but nothing can substitute for the gut and knowing what has value and what does not. But there are sleepers on this list that can be huge.

Like always all the mouths will come out and say how shitty this is or that is but not one of them will be among the 350 core domainers because they look at things differently. Some see opoortunity and some see nothing. I can only pick from the pool of domains out there and are submitted.

I have never 'Handicapped' domains before. But I wanted to give you a little window into my picking process. How I think and what I do to pick domains. Why? Because so many of the domains that I see out there are pigeon shit. PURE pigeon shit. Those folks will probably curse me out and tell me what a crappy list.

Folks are always complaining that I don't give examples of what I consider domains of value. So here is a list. Not all have value to ME. But I have to look at things through many sets of eyes. John Jones for example.

I have been as transparent as possible. I listed each and every domain as they were selected and the contracts came in. I did no favors. I just tried to make this puppy work and on October 8th I/WE get the report card.

This is the SEMI-FINAL list. Results and everything else and I PROMISE a RESULT or it is ALL on me! I will take 100% responsibility for any failure. But I have a 3 year and a 3 phase program and I intend to have a success with your help!

I might write about what I see in some of the other lots as time goes on. Just to illustrate what I see and why I see it.

If you only effort is to try and rip apart what we are doing, you only hurt yourself. So have at it.

Lot#100 (No Reserve)
Lot #101 (No Reserve)
Lot #102 ($1 Reserve)
Lot #103 (Aggressively Priced)
Lot #104 ($1000 Reserve)
Lot #105
Lot#106 (No Reserve)
Lot#107 ($1000 Reserve)
Lot#108 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#109 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#110 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#111 (No Reserve)
Lot#112 (Aggressively Priced)
Lot#113 (No Reserve)
Lot#114 (Low Reserve)
Lot#115 (No Reserve)
Lot#116 (No Reserve)
Lot#117 (No Reserve)
Lot#118 (Priced well)
Lot#119 (Opportunity knocking)
Lot#120 and 7400 August type ins (Greatly Reduced)
Lot#121 3 Business Categories with a VERY reasonable reserve,,
Lot#122 11 Domain Adult Portfolio (No Reserve)
(No Reserve)
Lot#123 WaterproofSmartphone.Com
WaterproofTablets.Com (No Reserve)
Lot#124, (Reserve under $15k)
Lot#125 MondayNightBaseball.Com (No Reserve)
Lot#126 4 Domain Portfolio .TV (No Reserve) (No Reserve)
Lot#127, (No Reserve)
Lot#128,, (No Reserve)
Lot#129 (Reserve under $10k)
Lot#130 and (Reasonable Reserve)
Lot#131 (No Reserve)
Lot#132 (No Reserve)
Lot#133 (No Reserve)
Lot#134 (No Reserve)
Lot#135 (No Reserve)
Lot#136 15 Adult Domains (No Reserve)
Pu** (No Reserve)
Lot#137 (No Reserve)
Lot#139 and (Low Reserve)
Lot#140 27 Domain Portfolio (No Reserve)
Lot#140A (No Reserve)
Lot#141 (No Reserve)
Lot#142 (Cheap)
Lot#143, (No Reserve)
Lot#144 (Corner the Market)
Lot#145 (Bargain)
Lot#146 (Low Reserve)
Lot#147 (No Reserve)
Lot#148 and (No Reserve)
Lot#149 (Low Reserve)
Lot#150 (No Reserve)
Lot#151 (No Reserve)
Lot#152 (Low Reserve)
Lot#153 Comes with Matching 800#
Lot#154 100 Geo Domains (No Reserve)
Lot#155 (No Reserve)
Lot#156 24HourRental.Com (No Reserve)
Lot#157 (5 Cloud Domain lot (No Reserve)
Lot#158 TanningFoam.Com (No Reserve)
Lot#159 (Low Reserve 3 domains)
Lot#160 (No Reserve)
Lot#161 (No Reserve)
Lot#162 (No Reserve)
Lot#163 RealityShows.TV (No Reserve)
Lot#164 (No Reserve)
Lot#165 (Guaranteed Placement)
Lot#166 (No Reserve)
Lot#167 (No Reserve)
Lot#168 (LOW Reserve)
Lot#171 and (Reserve under $10k)
Lot#173 (Low Reserve)
Lot#174 6 Domains (No Reserve)
Lot#175 Insults.TV (No Reserve)
Lot#176 3 Domains (No Reserve)
Lot#177 (No Reserve)
Lot#178 3 Domains (No Reserve),,
Lot#179 (No Reserve)
Lot#180 4 domain Lesbian and Gay sector (No Reserve)
Lot#181 (No Reserve)
Lot#182 (No Reserve)
Physicì (No Reserve)
Lot#184 3 domains (No Reserve)
Lot#185 (No Reserve)
Lot#186 22 Domain Lot (Low Reserve)
Lot#187 (Low Reserve)
Lot#188 4 Domains (No Reserve)
Lot#189 8 Domain Package (BARGAIN)
Lot#190 (Not cheap, but worthy)
Lot#191 Fantastic .ME 33 Name Portfolio (Huge Opportunity)
Lot#192 (Reasonable reserve)
Lot#193 (Low Reserve
Lot#194 5 domains (No Reserve)
Lot#195 (Reasonable)
Lot#196 (No Reserve)
Lot#197 (Not cheap, but gold never is)
Lot#198 (with 50% going to the charity of the buyers choice at the price listed)
Lot#200 (No Reserve)

8 thoughts on “Phones on Fire. Phone Bidding HOT! Ricks Personal Picks for the Auction.

  1. Richard

    There are lot of great domains in this list that can be bought at bargain prices.
    Couple of question
    1. Do you publish the sales report after the conference? It would be interesting to know which domains got sold and at what price?
    2. I see few lots, so does one has to bid on a complete lot or can you bid on a specific domain in a lot?

  2. Rick Schwartz

    You do not have to take possession of the entire lot but you must be the winning bidder of the entire lot then you can pick and choose what gets transferred.
    Many folks will be publishing the results.
    Good Luck!

  3. Steff

    Great list Rick!
    Will this be streaming live for all to watch?
    Cant wait to see what sells for.
    Have fun and good luck!

  4. Anunt

    These domains will sell…BUT at very low prices.
    Great for the buyer and investor.
    Sellers cashing out at low prices.
    Everybody is Happy!!!

  5. drrdroid

    Do they read or just comment?
    Tuesday we closed auction submissions early as we had more contracts out than slots we really wanted to fill. So I can post the final list this Friday instead of just closing submissions.


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