Remembering Halvarez and Where he is Today.

Morning Folks!!

Those that forget history are destined to repeat history.

So let's remember Halvarez and that fiasco and the cover-up that followed. Where is Halvarez today? Wouldn't you like to know who is employing this guy?

See Halvarez faked you out of much more than domains and money. He robbed you of your TIME, EFFORT and OPPORTUNITY. None of which can ever be replaced. A crime against each during a unique opportunity in time.

So I am sure those that covered it up would like to forget. I won't let them and either should you. Halvarez did not work alone. He had accomplices and help. He was supported by CORRUPTION. To this day I believe there were multiple companies involved. I believe it was wider spread than anyone knows. It was a 'Culture' of lies and deceit. It was how 'Business' was done. Make no mistake, he did not act alone. He took the fall because the other companies might have collapsed. That's what I believe to my CORE!

Here is a link to the many articles I wrote at the time and your comments.

Forgetting is the real crime! And for the record. I was never in any of those auctions. I never participated. So I look at it as the damage it did to many individuals and to the industry as a whole. How much it robbed so many of you at a very important stage. You can forgive, but you can NEVER EVER forget!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


10 thoughts on “Remembering Halvarez and Where he is Today.

  1. G Man

    yes, and moniker and snapnames are a scum organization
    they were once great, under Monte
    if I had the money I would transfer out of Moniker a long time ago.
    unfortunately I don’t have a pot to piss in so I can’t
    you have no excuses for not doing so Rick, and you should
    vote with your feet mate, a long time ago
    thanks for the reminder though
    I never found out if he spent anytime in clink
    tbh I can’t even remember his real name

  2. steve

    where did that little f nelson brady go.
    He probably works for the Mafia the prick.
    The funny thing is before I formed T.U.R.D. to protect people from this, themselves, and domainers, all at my own expense I might add, toot toot. I told people to avoid snapnames because it was an obvious scam. People told me to f off so it is on them.

  3. Dave

    I’m”heynow” at I regularly remind parcipants at namepros (and other domain sites) that Snapnames is the largest admitted domain auction fraudster in history. Rick, I agree with you whole-heartedly about the extent of the fraud, and the high probability that”halvarez” had lots of help perpetrating fraud.
    I can’t help notice that two speakers at your upcoming convention either deem the admitted fraudster”reputable” or actually parcipate in ethically-challenged auction practices. I’m referring to Ron Jackson and Adam Dicker.
    Doesn’t look like you’re helping to hold the shady characters in the industry accountable.
    If I’m mistaken here, steer me straight!

  4. Rick Schwartz

    If the Industry had more people Like Ron Jackson and Adam Dicker there would be less fraud not more.
    I can name some names you should have mentioned, but not them.

  5. Dave

    Adam Dicker, while VP at Godaddy and in charge of TDNAM auctions, stealthily bid against clueless Godaddy customers. He had access to bid information from each bidder, and was at least able to bump up prices each time he bid. He was also able to take unfair advantage and procure names for himself knowing what max bids other bidders were prepared to offer. That’s how he procured SPYWARE.US for himself.
    Ron Jackson tells us, weekly, that Snapnames is”reputable,” with no simultaneous mention or caveat pertaining to the massive auction fraud perpetrated by Snapnames on its own customers.
    We need more people like Ron and Adam? I’m not feeling all warm and fuzzy about that, but thanks anyway for the dialogue.

  6. Keith

    The industry is corrupt because everyone involved stands to gain when the situation is right. Hell, even icann doesn’t follow their own policy sometimes and I know that first hand. I’ve seen obvious bullshit at namejet too (and others.) The industry is too complex for an easy solution. Bottom line…you better be savvy if you want to get ahead in the domain game.

  7. ShuwiX

    Monte was later Jeff’s puppet, stealing sh!t out of everyone to stuck in Oversee a$$ and keep his chair.
    There was tons of videos and screenshots in timeline revealing how they’ve manipulated commission of Moniker and Snapnames affiliates.
    Also linked content was on my blog which was immediatelly hacked…. and my accounts at GFY, Namepros and many other forums were banned and that exact post was deleted.
    I might check my old HDD’s if I can find all those vids and screenshots.
    That’s real Monte Cahn.
    At the end of his reign under Oversee, he was f**king all of you over just to be f**ked over by Jeff with his manager’s golden parachute. And Jeff then got f**cked over for f**king up whole Oversee business.
    Lawrence Ng was well aware of this scamming as I was reporting directly to his private e-mail.
    Oversee, killed by greed and hunt for short-term profits and bonuses.


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