Updated Ritz-Carlton Room Inventory for T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Morning Folks!!

We are 30 days out from the show. We have 100 more room nights sold this year compared to 30 days before last years show. So there is no question our group will OWN the hotel. Just a matter if you pay $265/night or MUCH MORE on Monday!

If you need to cancel, DO NOT cancel with reservations as they will just put it back in inventory at 2x the price. Please contact me as we NEED your rooms! Please.

These numbers are from yesterday afternoon. If you are having a problem or the days say 'SOLD OUT', contact me and I will see what I can do. Oceanfront rooms are all sold out. There may be ONE Oceanfront Suite left. There are still a handful of 'Ocean View Rooms'.

Friday October 5th.....Just 2 rooms left and we can't get anymore! (We do have 1 staff room as well)

Saturday October 6th.....We added their last 20 rooms to the 7 we had left late last week and now are only 5 available! Remember we only started with 25 rooms for Saturday Night pre-show and are now at nearly 100. The cabana networking is PRICELESS. Most pay for their entire trip BEFORE the show even starts!

Sunday October 7th......23 Rooms left

Monday October 8th.....23 Rooms left

Tuesday October 9th....19 Rooms left

Wednesday October 10th.....Sold Out

These numbers were from yesterday afternoon.

If you want to see how fast these rooms are going, just refer to this post from Saturday. All I can do is urge you to make your reservation even before you buy your show tickets.

Rick Schwartz

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