My TOTAL Domain Name Sales for 2012

Morning Folks!!

Each week I see all types of companies announcing their domain sales for the week. It's the new big thing. So I wanted to get on the bandwagon. I was going to announce it each week as well but decided not to.

So the following is my total sales for 2012 through August 31, 2012.


I don't sell my domains. I lease them, do joint ventures, experiment and so on. The only way I sell a domain is when the offer is greater than my best idea. Where the number is higher than I can achieve myself in time. Or I just let the domains drop because it does not make my portfolio stronger and I don't have the time or desire to try and sell domains I perceive of having no real value. I don't sell Pigeon Shit to others. Once I label it as pigeon shit, in the garbage it goes. If somebody wants to eat my pigeon shit......that's why they have pigeons. I just don't make a living feeding those pigeons. ;-)

I like to sell ONE domain per year. ONE! That is my goal each year. ONE! One 6 figure or more domain sale.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

17 thoughts on “My TOTAL Domain Name Sales for 2012

  1. Shane

    I’ll need to take you to the Shane Cultra fitness and domain camp. I’ll help you lose the weight you lost over 3 years in 6 months and we’ll sell a domain or two while we’re doing it. Your year sounds boooooring :)

  2. Uzoma

    The synopsis of domain king’s post, is to”don’t panic if your sales are slow. The king’s posts have one underlying theme -“encouragement”. You have to be made out of wood to read this blog and not get lifted, and positively boosted. All he is saying is keep plucking away, the sales will come, the economy will improve, it’s not over. We are launching where we will soon be sending special invitations to Rick, and people of his acumen, to interact with our end-user guests in real time, ranging from Mom and Pop store owners to fortune 500 companies. In just 5 days, we will be meeting with 8 major city Chamber of Commerce organizations. We have 34 slots open for free membership until Sunday night at midnight, join free today if you have great names for sale.
    Thank you,

  3. svfox

    The king should be putting a press release out for the upcoming TRAFFIC. One that hits the AP and tier 1 channels.

  4. mike

    1 Domain sale at 6 figures is a very good year !! would really make my year.
    I never looked at it the way you do until recently, I have cut my portfolio down to only domains I am developing when able, Not for resale. But will if I can. No Pigeon shit Lol! just the domains I can afford to renew every year.

  5. ZK

    Rick, would you mind sharing with us the reason behind selling back in 2010? Thanks.

  6. Rick Schwartz

    Several reasons.
    I thought it would create some buzz for the TRAFFIC auction.
    I realized it was not worth what I paid and probably never would be.
    There was a significant tax advantage that offset significant gains in 2010.
    And it freed up dead dollars that I could use to help gain back my loss.
    And as we saw recently, when it sold for even less than I sold it for.

  7. Mark Talbot

    Top post,…Rick,….
    Probably the most direct and spot-on post you have made to date.

  8. Jay

    You wrote:”I lease them, do joint ventures, experiment and so on.”. Can you share with us how do you contact other parties to go ti joint ventures business or so? Are you just waiting for other parties to contact you, or you select some parties and try to offer a business them? Do you call them, email or send a letter?

  9. flower

    Would you sell it even if there is not a significant tax advantage that offsets significant gains in 2010..?


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