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Morning Folks!!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a domain name somebody sent to me. Now that the interview is out I can reveal that domain name and you will see me talking about this domain several times throughout the interview.

What is interesting is I did my research on the domain AFTER the actual interview. Here is what I said then about this domain name:

'A domain was sent to me for consideration. The party wanted to know if their domain had a leasing potential. Problem he thought was that it only had 20 visitors a day. First of all, 20 visitors a day has value. Whether it has GREAT value depends on the research I do. I found out that this exact match domain name had multiple people advertising and one guy was upfront and was asking for $2000 for the service.

So let's say this guy charges $2000 for his service and let's say since it is a service he puts in $500 worth of time. Leaving him $1500 profit. Now ask yourself a question. From those 20 daily type ins how many would he have to close and make customers for the domain to pay for itself? Let's say that domain leases for $2500/month. Then back to the question and why many don't see the forest thru the trees. So the answer of course is 2. Let's say he gets one new customer each week from the leased domain. He just put $8k in his pocket with a gross profit of $5500.

What if he grows the traffic to 200 a day? What if he closes twice as many? And don't forget to add the money he just saved sending to Google. That was a chunk of change. Plus these are now clients that can come back for repeat business. What's to reject here? It's math! All the while the lessee is making more money and eventually may be able to afford to buy the domain name. Plus as you do business together over time you come to know each other and a dea becomes easier not harder. It's math!

This is just one example and if the owner gives me permission, I will list the domain. I will transform that domain from making pennies on PPC to thousands with my method. Because I see domains differently than most. I see it with the lens of 'Sales' and nothing more. Since few see sales like I do, I can only attract those that understand what I see and say and have demonstrated over the years.'

The domain name is, owned by Michael Cyger and I would like to list this domain for $2000/month with his permission. In the interview I started at $250/month. Later on I went to $500/month and as I stated thinking about it stated that I would have to do some research on it to see the true value. Which I did in my comments above after the interview.

Value of the lease is in direct proportion to the product or service you are selling and the profitability. Do you see what I see?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz