Targeting Elephants and Ignoring Mosquitoes. How Much is Your Property Really Worth?

Morning Folks!!

Advertise for elephants and you get elephants. Advertise for Pigeons and you get pigeons. You can fish for fish or hunt for whale. Both are the same. One result maybe 1000x the other.

So Over the years I have heard the promises of increasing your payouts by 10%, 20%, even 50%. I know first hand that parking on one platform vs another can have huge differences. I have seen swings of 400% on domains earning hundreds and even thousands a day. It's a FACT!

During the last payout collapse around 2005 was down to making $1000/day. I switched PPC companies and that number went from $1000/day to $4500/day, overnight. How is that possible? That increase did not last for 1 day or 1 week or even 1 month. In FACT that level payout lasted until mid 2007 when payouts started sliding and have yet to recover. That is why I think many folks are just full of shit. The numbers prove it beyond doubt. So swallow whatever you crap you like to swallow. I'll pass on that bullshit. Do the math on the millions difference.

This is the FIRST time I have ever made this public. But it is part of history and time to put in on the record. The increase was not just for It was across the board. My income quadrupled overnight with one flip of the switch. That was in the wake of getting $30,000/week for the previous 5 years, 1998-2003. From 2003-2005 payouts were still fairly strong by today's standards until the 2005 ppc decline. Or so I thought.

So you might ask yourself will payouts ever rebound again? The answer is still yes. Things go in cycles. Payouts from my view bottomed out the day Frank Schilling opened Now we have had ups and downs since then but that was the bottom from what I can see and it has been sustained for over a year and I see some pockets of strength.

So how much is your traffic really worth? A hell of a lot more than you think. Can you still take a domain making $10/day and have it make $100/day? Yes.

Two things happen when I talk about type in traffic. Those without it have to make a statement about it. Those that do have it understand exactly what I am saying. The first group is not even sure there are type in and if there are they are not sure how meaningful they are. They think the world revolves around faking out Google or at least being a contortionist and trying everything in the book for that traffic. For most, even when they get Google traffic it is 10 visitors, 20 visitors, maybe 50 or 100 in over 90% of the cases if that. And likely not as targeted as you think because you had to use 20 keywords instead of all focused on 1 keyword called the domain name itself. That is the ONLY keyword I care about. Bulls-eye!

So let me fix that. There are about a dozen multimillion dollar parking companies with Google and Yahoo buying over 90% of all that invisible traffic. PPC has led the parade for as long as I can remember once it was invented before Google was born.

Tyoe-in traffic is the foundation and they will NEVER be able to stop the flow of that very valuable GOLD! And if they don't type it in they will talk it in. Human behavior trumps all. It's what these businesses survive on and why they have rejected so much of the FAKE traffic that had been manufactured for those years before the crash. They paid for SHIT and it took them years and billions to figure it out.

The more type in traffic you have the ore likely success will be in your future if you make good decisions along the way. With no traffic you can do everything right and end up with zip. With type ins you can do everything wrong and still end up with money in your pocket.

NEVER underestimate the TRUE value of a type in. Never underestimate the lifetime value of a customer. Never underestimate big business. They WILL figure it out and that is at the heart of the 20 year plan. They just have one more error to make before they figure out exactly which direction they need to go. When that day happens, you will see what I see and what I have seen for all these years. The planets are getting closer not further. Water always runs downhill. They will always follow the water.

My 800 numbers still get 'Type-Ins' in the way of surfers. If there were no surfers there would be NO revenue on these 800 numbers. Human nature crosses all kinds of barriers and will slip through any obstacle. Domaining IS about type-in traffic or the potential to get it. Yes, there are ways to focus on domains with limited or no traffic that have value. Innovative names that may have value. But no value to those domainers personally until it is sold to a 3rd party. So the game is to sell, sell, sell. But when you have a domain with type ins, the game is hold, hold, hold. A completely opposite plan and thus you have the 2 sides. One side understands both and the other side only understand half the equation. Hope you all now have both halves. And yes, it is as simple as that and time will prove the simplicity as it already has.

I see things differently because I have seen different things over all these years.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz