Prediction: 10″Pure Domainers” Selected for Forbes 400 Billionaires List by 2035

Morning Folks!!

Who am I to predict something outrageous like saying 'I believe it's not only possible but actually #likely# that a small exclusive group of domain name owners will eventually end up on the Forbes 400 list of richest global billionaires by 2035'?
What are the past historical asset parallels to domain names that give me confidence in stating that my prediction that one or more 'pure' domain name investors (i.e. pure NOT referring to those owners of domain names that developed a business on it themselves) must and will come true?
When exactly in the maturation of premium dot com category domain name values are we currently experiencing in 2013 along the scale paralleled by premier baseball player salaries, Babe Ruth's earning less than $1,000,000 over his entire 1914-1935 career or the $30,000,000 in salary paid for Alex Rodriguez in 2012 alone?
Where in America will you find the incredible story of the family that pretty much owns an entire city where 200,000+ people live and work and play, and how did they accomplish this amazing feat over multiple generations? What does the story have to do with domain names in 2013?
How much difference is there between selling the oil for distribution, and retaining the land with the mineral assets versus selling the land itself and letting someone else have the produce of the wells drilled for oil? What are the parallels of the richest oil fields with the very best internet properties owned by domain name owners?
Why should you care about who I am or any of this stuff if you're among what I call 'the 500'? The '500' being a group of already for the most part affluent people that like Rick Schwartz bought domains as early as 1994-- the 500 or so people on the planet who are likeliest to be among those small number of future billionaires...if they keep playing their cards right.
Why is 'Rick Schwartz' speaking of 'Rick Schwartz' on the Rick Schwartz blog in the 3rd person? That's one question I can answer now, in brief. This is NOT Rick Schwartz, Domain King (TM) posting today. It's actually Danny Welsh.
Who IS Danny Welsh?
If you allow me the time, I'll tell you more of my background, who I am to make such claims and exactly why Rick has invited me into his living room and given me his blessing to talk to those of you among his closest colleagues today.
I'll even tell you in all transparency what's in it for me to work my ass off for the next 10-15 years to maybe even help make that prediction a reality for a handful of you that will be the innovators pursuing many possible paths to extract as much value as possible from the Golden Eggs produced by your assets-- without selling the Golden Gooses themselves-- and with favor, what we're doing with just might be a part of that transformation.
Who, what, when, where, how much, why = not only the recipe for a journalist's story.
It's the facts and the story together that create a combination to unlock any sale of any product or asset.
And, ladies and gentlemen of the 500, I'm here to congratulate you all on having some of what might be the most valuable (albeit intangible) assets in history. Products and properties that have value that the facts and story to unlock the highest and best use of is still being gathered, still being told.
Who, what, when, where, how much, why.
I'll lay out a vision for you in exquisite detail for telling that story to Corporate America, to Madison Ave, to the CEO or marketing executive that covets your very best domain names for their own. We'll follow the path from start to finish over a series of a few blog posts the real Rick Schwartz has graciously allowed me to make as his junior partner with
My vision enfolded within his vision. Our vision and journey for the next 3 years that will be pivotal, and one on which we'd be happy to have some of you go along with us.
Please know that I'm thrilled to have a chance to serve many of you as clients starting in 2013. I will return soon with the first in a series of guest blog posts we think just might touch a nerve if you're among the 500. Just might make you feel like it was the mid-1990s all over.
Until then, I welcome your comments and feedback.
Danny Welsh