What does a”Type in” Look Like? Why is it so Important to Have? Masters and Slaves!

Morning Folks!!

What exactly do 'Type ins' look like?

Well if you have never had a store or a retail shop then you are at a disadvantage in domaining. Domains are like having a shop. Whether it be donuts or diamonds, you have a shop. And that shop has an entrance. The difference is when you have type in traffic you have folks waiting at your door each morning waiting for you to put the key in the door and unlocking what they want and what they are looking for. If you have it, they buy. Maybe not 100%. But either is search. And whether you want to believe it or not, conversion of type ins when matched with a proper good or service blows the doors off search. But we need BOTH! Who in their right mind would poo poo bus loads of customers waiting at your door each and every day? Most of which decided you were a destination whether they were fed up with search results or whether that is their surfing style.

And if you don't have type ins? Then you are a slave to 3rd party search engines that may you you shit unless you pay and pay big!

Now we all need customers. What's the difference if I have 100 customers each day by type ins and the guy across town has none? He has to kiss the ass of search. Well he has to WORK and maybe PAY to get those 100 customers that I already started with. Not only that, he has to repeat that each and every day and some days he may come in to find no customers. However the domain with 100 type ins continues to get customers without effort like a clock. Day in and day out. Good days and bad days. Cold days and hot days. Etc. So while the other guy poo poos the 100 type ins he is also busy being a whore sometimes trying to get those 100 customers while the other guy is concentrating on selling something to the 100 he already has. Plus that 100 grows when matched with the proper item. It becomes 125 150, 200. Organically. By germinating on its own. Again not dependant on the master!

So if you are not wired to retail, not wired to sales, then it is hard to appreciate 100 customers. But for folks that understand that it is sales that makes the world go round, they look at it differently. If you sell cars you can have a stadium full of people. But f you can't zero in on the buyer quickly, you just waste your time and energy. So 1 million search hits looking for something specific only has value if it produces sales and what sales ratio that occurs. 1 million visitors and 10 sales or 100 customers with 10 sales. That is a real world equation. One makes a lot more noise. But the other is an efficient engine that purrs as she idles thru. Day after day after day. Beholden to nobody but your own customers.

Even on Christmas.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz