Equations in Math and Life May be Different. But it All Revolves Around Equations.

Morning Folks!!

I think it was about 9th grade that we learned about 'Equations' and 'Geometry'. I was always good in basic math. The only class I ever flunked was 'Trigonometry' in my senior year of high school. Lucky for me 'Trig' proved useless in life and not even sure they teach that anymore. That was before electronic handheld calculators were invented and instead of a slide rule, you had to figure it all out. I studied my ass off and the finals came and I froze. It all went bye-bye. Didn't remember a thing. But at 17 I knew this was a buch of useless crap that I would never use and if I di have the need to the answers were quite quickly available even back then.

Geometry comes in handy. I have but one major use. The triangle or Pyramid and figuring out the most important thngs to address in any mission. Identify the top and your chance of success was nearly assured. I discuss this in depth with this post.

That brings me to equations. Could be the most important tool in my toolbox. In math an equation as to be perfect and precise. In business it just has to be close. Equations for me take a split second on virtually any subject. I get the information, weigh it, give things weight and then come to a decision. It can take anywhere from that split second or two to days, weeks and longer. Considering every possibility and attributing the proper weight to it. Some are so heavily one sided that there is no decision. But there are always many that are wrapped up in confusion instead of clearly seeing an equation to determine your next move.

Your next move IS mathematical. The balance is either in your favor or against you. Either way, you MUST know going into something whether you need to give more or less. How much gas to give the throttle based on the equation you have at hand.

I may have lost some of you. But it is clear to me and sometimes much more difficult to articulate a way of approach as I try and explain the equation that is the captain of my ship. Percentages play a huge role in all this and you derive a percentage by doing an equation or just listing all the pros and cons and then forming an equation.

So if you are not familiar with equations it makes it oh so much harder to make the right decisions. Much harder to see how each priority is also vital to getting things right. You can start at the top of a pyramid or the bottm corners. If you start at the bottom, you will likely work way too hard and waste precious time. When your equation points out the top of the pyramid, you are automatically at 33%-50% of the entire journey. When you start in the bottom corners, you are focusing on the 2%-5%. That stuff usually fills in itself when you get the other higher pieces in place. The last row that takes ALL the time when you start THERE, takes NO TIME when you FINISH there. A winning way to proceed vs a losing way to proceed. 100% clear when you understand equations.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz