Google Has a Problem….Microsoft and Apple Hate Google. Let’s Rumble!!

Morning Folks!!

We know Microsoft does not like Google and we know Apple does not like Google. That really puts Google in a tricky position. Especially when you have billions of dollars involved and at stake. It has been ramping up for a long time but now it is beginning to be noticeable and by 2013 we could have a full out tech war.

I have really given this very little thought but there is no question that there is a boiling point and I think we are at it. I don't know how it will play out. But the battle of titans like this will dominate the next cycle. There will be winners, losers but doubt there will be a surrender.

What makes it even more interesting is Apple does not like Microsoft and Microsoft does not like Apple. Google, they hate everyone equally. And Amazon could be a wild card in all this.

In business, pay close attention to December. It's one of the reasons I take December off. So much to take in. So much happening. So many long term decisions being made.

Even when I had very limited financial means I would always stop working on December 7. Never work the last 3 weeks in December. Now let me define not working. I observe, I think, I ponder, I ask questions, find answers and look ahead to what the next year is going to bring. Let me just won't be boring. December is the month I set course for the following year. This year a bit more difficult as we don't know the tax situation nor the implications going forward. I think that is why you are seeing Apple sell off. That is where the holdings are of many investors and they are grabbing some $$$ before whatever hits, hits.

I realize there are many points of view about the Bing commercial. Just the fact that there are 2 active sides prove it will work. I am still stunned to see Bing/Microsoft go after Google in such an aggressive manner. Like I said the other day, never saw a commercial in my life that was that in your face negative about a competitor. Have you been Scroogled? Love it! I give it the award for best commercial of the century. Why? Numbers! Bing wins and I can prove it. Google is sitting pretty in their white tuxedo. Bing comes along and splashes mud all over the suit. That's an equalizer. Not an equalizer in the sense that they overtake Google but with the sense that they will take market share. And they will. All they need to do is keep running that commercial and add to the campaign. If they abandon it, game over. Bing loses. Run it for a year, they win, real competition begins, payouts rise and we are off to the races. That's how I see the world on December 7th.

Just a reminder....2 weeks from today the world ends. Please get your affairs in order. ;-)

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz