is Shaking it up!! First 100 Listings to Be Announced

Morning Folks!!

This has been one exceptional week! Is it only Thursday morning? WOW!

First I want to thank those I turned down for understanding what I am trying to do and just how narrow and defined it is. I can only use domains I feel I can truly believe in and get behind. I think when we announce our first list next week that many will be surprised and happy with what we have been getting in the way of quality domain names and our overall chances of success.

We will spend the rest of December getting the listings. Then we go to the next phase and that will be focusing on the end user. I am not looking for thousands of listings. More important that the listings we do have make a statement and is attractive to end users. I only look at this through the prism of a 3rd party leasing it. That is the threshold. Not picking a domain is no reflection of the domain whatsoever. I appreciate that even those I turned down understand. Thank you!

As I have said my entire life online and before....Everything is timing! This IS the right time. Not this moment, but as the next 3 years unfold I will tell you that between now and then the landscape is going to change drastically. My goal is not to disrupt however a success here will absolutely disrupt. Imagine sponsors competing for your traffic again. Remember what that looks like?

The single biggest factor is I don't have to say 'Yes' to grab an undervalued lease to eat and either do you. I have a history of saying 'No'. Folks always ask me how I turned down $500k or $700k on iReport. A domain most would have sold for $5k or $10k. All I can say is I see value and am able to attach a price to that value. Then I stick to it. PERIOD! I could have done the deal 10 other times with 10 other folks and none would have been as good for all as the current deal for all parties. Same with the others.

Here is my promise. SLOW RESULTS! We will not be an overnight success but we will have successes. Our goal between January and June is 3-6 leases. That's not a lot. But it will demonstrate the viability of the model. My experience looking back at all my deals........most take 3-6 months and more. Some 1-2 years. That is NORMAL. Those numbers will accelerate in the 2nd half of the year and when I sit down to write a post in a year from now I will have demonstrated that leasing domains IS the way of the future IF you have domains that fit into my narrow definition.

Believe me,I turned down some really great domains. Domains worth 6 and 7 figures because they just did not fit what I am trying to do and I can't sell what I can't sell.

Last night I was thinking about when I started selling in life. 42 YEARS ago and I have never stopped. 42 years. That even surprised me. That's what allows me to differentiate things to the 'Nth' degree. That's what gives me an 'Attitude' capable of detecting a buyer from a bullshit artist. A guy that will make you money from a guy that will cost you money. The invisible clues that are not invisible after 42 years.

So far the lowest monthly lease is $750. Highest is $15,000. Most fall into the $2000-$5000 category. One way you might be able to calculate a monthly lease value is to take your current PPC earnings or however you are monetizing and multiply by a minimum factor of 10X and generally much more. So a domain earning $250/month on PPC could easily command $2500/month on a lease and the end user is still getting the bargain of a lifetime and the ammunition to change their entire destiny. That's PRICELESS!! I know that and since I KNOW that, no reason to be weak!

And remember, you can still leave your domain as is and there is nothing for you to change. In January I will give some recommendations that will help the effort if you choose.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz