Thank You Ron Jackson!!!

Afternoon Folks!!

We all owe Ron Jackson a HUGE THANK YOU for chronicling our industry and our progress for an entire decade. What he has done is priceless and we are lucky to have a professional journalist in our midst. Without his contribution there would be no timeline of our evolution.

Congrats Ron and Diana!! Hope for 10 more and 10 more on top of that!!

Well done!

Rick Schwartz

Give a Reason, Not an Excuse!! The Difference Between Winners and Losers.

Morning Folks!!

The day I stopped giving excuses in life was the day I became a success. Really. People tell me how it is hard for them to see opportunity where others do. So let's look at something that you may be able to see. An 'Excuse' is a very visible sign not only of failure, but giving up and not learning anything. An excuse is pathetic. And that makes the person using their energy to make the excuse, pathetic. If you are an excuse maker, I guess I just insulted you. Ok, that's life. Get insulted. That is what excuse makers do. They get insulted. They get angry. They deflect the conversation.

Did you know it takes more energy to make an excuse then to just fix it?

See that is the problem with excuse makers. They use all their energy in making excuses. Excuses have zero value because you are pretending there was no mistake and no REASON for a failure whether tiny or huge.

Now with a REASON, you have focused on WHY something did not go as planned. Why something went wrong and you have used your TIME to identify the REASON something did not go right. That means you can fix it. That means you can take a 'Setback' and still succeed while the other guy is fully invested in their failure. And it is a failure. It is not a setback.

Now let's compare the 2 people and why one is a winner in failure (set back) and one is a total loser in failure (failure). The guy with all the excuses learned nothing. The energy he used was not identifying the problem. It was excusing it. The other guy made no excuses, he just went down the entire path in his mind and looked for and then focused on where things went wrong. It was not about blame or excuses. It was about figuring it out.

So now we have these 2 people. One found an excuse, one found a reason. Both are given the task to do over again. Which person would you want to bet on to get it right the second time??

And that my friends is how you spot something BEFORE it happens. How you can anticipate because of behavior. Because losers always excuse and winners find reasons. The latter is a person filled with opportunity in life and the other is a walking disaster waiting for the next pitfall or obstacle to get out his book of excuses.

Which one do you want to hook your wagon to?

If I pissed you off and you are insulted by this post, have at it. But I am going to LMAO and then feel very sad that you are stuck when once again YOU had the opportunity to change your destiny in life. That is the single best visual I can give my readers of opportunity and what it looks like. Sometimes opportunity is simply a matter of eliminating the loser.

Happy New Years! Change your destiny for 2013 by changing your reaction. Change your reaction and there is nothing you can't accomplish. No REASON to make an EXCUSE.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz