And Away We Go! I Need Ammunition if WE are Going to Shake Things Up!

Morning Folks!!

I told you I don't work in December. Ever! Except 2012. I guess. But only for a few more days to get things off the ground. Over the past 3-4 weeks I have had thousands of domains submitted to me for consideration. I have indicated to about 10 of you that I would be willing to list your domains. Now that the new site is set up, I will ask you to go to and re-submit your accepted domain so we have a permanent record and can keep things in order. Contracts will be ready to send out and your domains will be on the site by Friday.

I am gratified by the response and I am asking all my old pals to send me at least ONE domain name worthy of leasing and allow me to build on this and help me achieve few believe is possible. In one form or another this is what I will be doing for a very long time and I have been waiting a very long time to do it. I had to plant a seed and wait nearly 2 decades for it to grow into a tree and produce fruit. It's not easy staying on course when so few see what I see. But I see it as clearly as watching a movie over and over again and I know many of you do too.

When I have a domain like I can sell the value because it is apparent. I need about 100 domains in that league to make the impact and give me the ammunition I need to accomplish this. It will be EASY for me if I have this and not as easy if I don't. Either way it will work. Just depends to the magnitude and the depth. So I need your help with that ammo. One and two word domains that are a specific and profitable category and have traffic. Very simple. I can sell the equation. That's what I can do. Nothing you can't do. But I am set up for it and have been doing it for a very long time. Only difference is the timing makes it universal. Allow me to show you what I see and change the destiny of all those with the best domains.

I am sorry, I just can't help those with marginal domains at this point. It won't work in my equation. There is nothing for me to sell or to show a benefit. It starts with traffic because a ZERO in my equation ends up with ZERO. Just 10 visitors a day make it worthy of a look. 100 is better. 1000 and you have COMMAND of the market. More and away we go! But no traffic makes it very difficult to justify a lease at THIS point. It would have to be something very catchy that would be in demand.

So I want to thank everyone for the well wishes on our new updated site and starting in January we'll be all caught up and in full operation. This is a slow meandering train that will prove in time why leasing trumps selling. My equation is simple. Why sell a domain for $25,000 when you can lease for $2000/month? used to lease for $30,000/month. The lessee wanted to buy for $60,000. When I laughed at them they got pissed and pulled the plug. Their loss for making a ridiculous offer and I have made many times that $60k since then and my oil well is still pumping and I still own the asset. Millions of visitors have passed through the doors of ebid and millions more are still to come.

Notice how I left off the .com on the last 'ebid' above? That is how mainstream we are getting that the only extension that may not have an extension in the future is .com. I am even seeing commercials with website names and no .com. Just the word or name. Sorry, I got a bit off track. But worthy of noting. Nothing I would do. Always include the .com.

I'll keep you all updated on the progress but for now I have done what I needed to do in getting the word out. I know my mission and I eagerly await the day I can report that has been leased and a long term deal has been negotiated. That is what I call 'Branding'!

It may take me 2-3 days to respond to your emails. I am quite backed up and once we are rolling I will be responding much quicker. Thanks for your well wishes, support and please think what a success would look like and just how much it would change the field we play on.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz