The Rise and Fall of

Morning Folks!!

Quite stunning numbers for a one day event. But that really is not the surprise here.

I like seasonal domains just like seasonal businesses. Can be very profitable. Not my true cup of tea but I have known folks to make fortunes doing it. Lose fortunes as well.

I have been tracking the alexa numbers for and was impressed to see the rise in traffic starting in October and building up until just over a week ago. I also wanted to see if it had any staying power past Black Friday. It did have for that weekend, but then it crashed like a Christmas Tree tent the day after Christmas. What I was looking for was to see if the decline would be sharp off a cliff or whether it would ramp down like it ramed up. They were in the top 100,000 and top 10,000 and eventually in the top 200-300 for a couple months. Very strong performance. I was just looking to see if it would sustain the entire season or just the weekend.

Still a very impressive run and set of numbers. There is a political push to change the name of Black Friday by several groups. So I think may be a good back up plan.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz