Goals, Dreams and Luck. Do you Even Know the Difference??

Morning Folks!!

It strikes me that so many in life don't know the difference between a goal, a dream and pure luck. Then of course there is the other luck that is not PURE. Luck helps. You can participate in luck, then it is not PURE luck. Then it is a combination of work and luck.

But this post is not about luck, it is about dreams and goals. You have to dream something before you have a goal. But if you are a 'Dreamer', then you may or may not see your goal.

With most goals the first thing you need to do is set it and visualize it. Large or small goals are little accomplishments. If you have a life with little accomplishments each and every day you are heading somewhere and that means you know how to set and achieve goals. Even if it is showing up at the Dentist for your 3PM appointment and getting there on time.

Dreams are a vivid vision that you can see in play. They can be big or small. And when you have a dream your actions push destiny in a certain direction. The residue of all the hard work may be luck. Things lining up just right. But that is not PURE luck. That is a modified hybrid luck that successful people use many times throughout their life.

Pure luck isn't even hitting the lottery. You did something proactive to get that 'Lucky' result. Pure luck is a different type of destiny. I am sure we have all experienced it. But not often when you start to think back and redefine what luck really is. I think we can establish there are many degrees of luck. Maybe standing behind the guy who hit the lottery while you are waiting in line and he is so excited he hugs you and promises you $1 million. That would be closer to PURE luck.

But the folks that dream and have goals and work hard every day seem to just have a little more luck than those that don't. When your life is about setting goals, big or small, there is residue. Call it anything you like. But it is often times the difference between winning and losing, success and failure, hitting the goal or not. Add a pinch of destiny. A little bit of karma and you can see it is really the little things that will carry the day. Everybody sees the big things, but it is when you examine the small things closely that gives some the edge time and time again.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz