All the inventory in the World vs. the Best Inventory in the world: Follow the Leaser

Morning Folks!!

You can’t make worthwhile money leasing shitty domains! OK.
Now we’ll let my partner Danny Welsh elaborate on that, since
it’s clear to me that so many didn’t learn the lessons of 2007 and are doomed
to repeat those failures. Want to climb the domain money mountain in a brand
new way that’s going to allow a few sharp salespeople to reach the summit FAST?
Pay attention!

Rick Schwartz

All the inventory in the World vs. the Best Inventory in the world: Follow the Leaser

By Danny Welsh

A number of people in
the domain community have seen what Rick Schwartz and I have done with and have brought up this company or that company that has
“tried” domain leasing in the past and failed.

There may be many variables for that, and specific companies
could have a most important factor each for why they failed more specific to
the company than to the IDEA. I don't know, when those companies crashed and
burned I was not a domain investor, but focused only on physical property.

The biggest reason if you ask me would be TIMING. It was
premature. That has already been discussed on this blog by me and Rick both
within the last 8 weeks of posts.

The failures of 5
years ago have ZERO BEARING on our success with today
likewise zero bearing on the success of ANY domain leasing firm that has
QUALITY PROPERTIES FOR LEASE today…Yep, that #2 reason those “domain leasing”
companies failed then (and many others attempting this today will too) would be

Those past companies
you see when you do search engine research on “Domain leasing” are pretty much
all out of business as of this publication in February 2013
…though that’s
changing. Maybe someone should take a screenshot of the first page search
engine results TODAY…compare it to the first page results 2 months ago (they
are already changing BIG TIME)…and compare it to the first page results in 2

I guarantee you all 3 would present a
different picture, and I’ll bet anything that in 2 years you’ll see NEWS ORGANIZATION
links on HEADLINES and not links to blogs and companies that have closed their
doors for that search. Go ahead…put it
in your calendar and come back and try to say “You’re wrong!”

Yep, those failed companies from 5 years ago mixed in “shit with
the gold” (as Rick would say) and were selling domains of zero BUYING

Don’t work like that. Someone MUST want to buy it for it to
be leasable.

Preferably, MANY SOMEONES must want to buy it!

We'll be taking golden
gooses to the market this year, and saying the eggs alone are for sale.

Total difference from what those failed companies did!

Here's a blast from the past from a company that does not
appear to be in business though if they are, that’s news to me, since all
indications appear nobody’s home:
First thing I notice when reviewing the “time capsule” of the 2007 website is this:

26415 domain names for
lease in the 'Real Estate' category alone.

- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #1: $2.00 / month
After you subtract the stamp, check cost,
handling, and all else after mailing me my monthly check as the domain name
owner, exactly how much 'commission' would be left over to make this
deal worth doing for Waste of time and money for all parties
involved. Sorry, but anyone who didn’t see that THEN must surely see it NOW.

Automate the whole process…maybe, but why
bother? There are bigger deals to do that require less hassle and we’re not
talking about 2x but 500x.

- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #2: $40.00/ month
Not sure what anyone would see in this.
Personally, I think has branding value. But I wouldn't select it
for our program. This, unfortunately does not. Not for $40 to BUY. And why
lease for $500 per year if you’re a domain name owner with something worth
leasing? If it is worth leasing it is worth leasing for “highest and best use”!
Any company that can only pay $500 per year for an instant brand is a HOBBY…not
a business.

- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #3: 4SCOTTSDALE.COM Contact us for pricing
'Yeah, I'll get right on that'
says the marketing executive or CEO....of which company exactly?

Probably none. Sorry,
no cigar.

- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #4: Contact us
for pricing
Better than any others I've seen so far
as I scroll what Rick Schwartz would probably call “the shit list” but which
I’ll more tactfully call…shit, I can’t really think of anything nice to say.
Sorry mom! So this one is better…but the business that wanted this domain name would
do better in my opinion to use the plural (with or without the singular too).

OK, this random
skipping around isn't finding anything.
Why don't I sort
by price to find the most 'expensive' ones?
Let's do's the first one I see at our standard pricing level of
$1000/mo domain leasing with properties:
- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #5: $1,000.00 / month
“OMG!” says your bratty little sister who
just learned about domain names a week ago and can tell that that domain name—
except in a “Bigger Fool” scenario where any company buying it would be being
taken ADVANTAGE of— ain’t worth $1000 to buy much less lease for $1000/mo.

ASIDE: Personally as a “domain
investor” I don’t have the world’s greatest portfolio for having domains that
are only 2 years old. But I let all my NOUN-ADJECTIVE oriented domain names
like this one drop this past year. I read RicksBlog and realized
is nothing and is worth millions. I made the mistake too. Sorry,
but I learned from Rick Schwartz that a domain like is valuable
but is just about worthless. ADJECTIVE-NOUN has meaning in
English…NOUN-ADJECTIVE in almost every case does not. Case closed? Probably
not…so many make this mistake!

Don’t feel bad if you’re a domain
investor without much success and bought something worthless like
when guys like Rick Schwartz own the better version I fell for
the “keyword” bullshit too. Valuating the top-end of great domain names is
about WORDS WITH MEANING, not “Google keywords”.

Which would make the still 5 years
later “for sale” CRAP even while it’s surely obvious to anyone
reading this that an attempt to lease for $1000/mo in 2007 when a 2006
hand-registration was the property in questions was probably not possible even
in 2016. And certainly not a domain made up of words in the wrong ORDER.

Of course, the 100x better some smarter guy registered is for sale and it WILL
sell at some point, no doubt in my mind what you’ll find when typing in that
address one day (currently owned by a domain investor with a for sale page): a
company in Las Vegas, NV that sells swimming pools.

And while is not yet opening our division for “GEO domains” just yet, I
will flatly tell you that Rick and I both believe many domains like that ARE leasable at cheaper amounts than our
standard leasing fees in the next few years

(* hint* GEOs are an exception to our own in-house criteria of what is
and we’ve seen it
PROVEN…so will you as the next few years roll by.)
- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #6:
$1,000.00 / month
They're kidding....right? I mean GEOs
have value, sure...but this is no or,
both of which are 100x better.

- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #7: $1,000.00 / month
WTF is this? Did a robot pick these
domains or you could just submit whatever and put whatever the hell price you
wanted on it?

Explain how any
business would pay one DOLLAR for this to OWN, much less lease?

- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #8: $1,000.00 / month
TM violation waiting to happen!

For a plumber or an author to build his business or brand on
a foundation of quicksand as lease that domain name. If who I think owns it
does own it, gosh almighty I'm sorry to be rude to a leader of the domain
industry. But that domain is a liability.
- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #9: $1,000.00 /
I've met a few stupid tenants. Even ones
whose plasma television they hang on the wall in their mobile home cost them
more cash than the car I was driving the first time I made 6 figures in a year.
Haven’t had an evil tenant yet though. Suppose he collects your SOUL for rent?
Seriously…though: exactly how is this domain supposed to help a company that
uses it SELL anything to anybody? And if the domain name has no
COMMERCIAL SALES value, why in the hell would anyone lease it?

- 2007 “Domain Leasing” listing #10: $1,000.00
/ month
Sorry, no cigar. Are they serious? I
can’t look anymore. It’s too damn painful. I’m sure they had a dream that was
domain leasing, and we should applaud them for having it early…but the
nightmare this turned into was PREDICTABLE for anyone that looked at this stuff
the way Rick Schwartz does.

intelligent domain investor can be serious
that failed 2007 “domain leasing”
to 2013-onward
do you compare those crappy “Real Estate category” domain names with the real
estate related domains we are taking to market this year under a lease/JV
model, thanks to our clients that are trusting the company Rick Schwartz and I are
building to MARKET their properties and not just list them on a website?

Specifically these 10 come to mind, off the top of my head:

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing
#4: $750

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing
#5: $1,200/mo

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing
#6: $2,000/mo

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing
#7: $2,200/mo

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing
#8: $4,000/mo

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing
#9: $1,500/mo

2013 “Domain Leasing” listing
#10: $15,000/mo

You can't make any
comparison of apples to apples there, can you?

Any smart, forward-thinking real estate
company-- and I've started several, including ones doing 6 figures in a month
at one time...not big, but not tiny either—any company that had the resources
to maximize the inherent advantages in operating just ONE of those 10 real estate related domain names as an integral part of their
business, would take any one of those category domain names over ten thousand
so-called real estate domain names that have no meaning and many other flaws

Quality, not quantity is our model. We’d
like to become Christie's, not open the doors to the Dollar Store. Strive to be
Studio 54, not Moe's Tavern.

Our positioning
with is really no different than our domain LEASING clients
that open their digital doors from day ONE operating a superior domain name of
ours and have INSTANT credibility, and perceived market leader positioning
without saying a word

What’s that worth to a real estate law firm to be the one
and only firm in the world to communicate with their clients and prospects from style
email addresses?
And it’s not just the 25,000+ listings in the 2007 “real estate
domains” inventory…I could go through the same exercise for every one of that
failed “domain leasing” company's categories. Try it yourself. Look in their 'vehicles and
transportation' category, scan the thousands of listings in that category
alone til your eyes start bleeding. See if you can find anything that
millionaire domain investors would agree is more valuable than,, ETC.
I dare you.
Even if you find that needle in a haystack (which I highly doubt), as Rick
Schwartz himself has do NOT mix shit with gold.
I've offended anyone, that was not my intention. If you own or owned one of the
domain names listed in 2007 with and used as an example of what
NOT to do in 2013 by yours truly…look, that's your prerogative to keep paying
registration fees until kingdom come.

Those that let most of those type domain names drop, good for you. Other than one or two I doubt you'd get
an unsolicited offer to BUY any of those in 2 decades of waiting
Domain names that work for the leasing model get unsolicited 'buy'
offers ALL THE TIME.
It's an intoxicating feeling to get paid monthly instead of a one-time sale. So
I understand why folks will jump on the “domain leasing” bandwagon. But a
word of caution: somebody's got to want to buy an asset from you, for you to
lease it. Preferably MANY somebodies!

The biggest difference between that 2007 company (and others that
have failed and will fail), as Rick Schwartz pointed out…was timing. The market wasn't ready for domain leasing in
any big way years ago even though individual domain investors were quietly
doing domain lease deals even 10 years before that. Market acceptance or
understanding as a whole was NIL on both sides.
Second biggest reason for failures of “domain leasing” companies is sacrificing
quality over choosing quantity. Listing everything on a website available for
lease with $2.00/mo prices ain’t gonna cut the mustard if the company has any
costs at all, or plans for external promotion. They’ll probably run in red ink
even if they have zero employees and a fully automated “platform” that allows
for instant hosting, instant payment transfers, and instant gratification…all
because mixing shit with gold because no human being with SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE
approved the listings is enough in and of itself to make the battle an uphill
journey I sincerely don’t even know why anyone would bother with, when the
easier path to the summit is being trail-blazed right before your very eyes,.
You'll never see shit mixed with gold with while the company
is owned and operated by Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh.
Third biggest difference between then and now, them and us?
We're whale hunting.
No $2.00/month guppy deals.
And any $xxx-x,xxx per month deals for our domain names will be a 5-6 figure
per year commitment for a unique eRealEstate property that the lessee COULD exercise
an option to buy at 6-7 figures if and when they're ready.

You know…out of
increased PROFITS from earning income leveraging an asset, not throwing away
money on an expensive (or cheap) mistake.

Follow the leaser?

Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

What do YOU predict will happen next?

Danny Welsh

P.S. Oh yeah, to elaborate on Rick’s statement “Want
to climb the domain money mountain in a brand new way that’s going to allow a
few sharp salespeople to reach the summit FAST
?”…consider that your open invitation of you like our model to review
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