Benchmarks, Time Lines and Passion.

Morning Folks!!

Business to me is about benchmarks and time lines. You set goals and then you set the time line to meet those goals. During the time line there are certain benchmarks you should hit in between and that is the key to everything. I like running slightly ahead of benchmarks. I like getting to appointments early. It's just in my DNA.

Passion is also in my DNA and as I look around I find it hard to imagine living in a world where one had NO passions. Life was just gray. Mediocre. Nothing special. Passing time.

Now there is a line where passion crosses to something else that is not so good. So you gotta be careful passion does not turn into crazy nut job. :-) But what does an army of passion look like when not mixed with mediocrity?

Success is nothing more than climbing the same mountain via different paths. You already know you can climb the mountain. But with each new climb there are new challenges and preparation is always the key as I explained in this post.

The mood of the industry is shifting and being passive is not always an option. Timing to me will always be the single biggest key. Timing, time lines, benchmarks, goals and I still LOVE Mondays!!

Each Monday is the start of a new set of benchmarks. New time lines. New goals for the week and the bigger goals that have long been set.

In the past 100 days we have changed the conversation and direction. In the next 100 days we are going to change the course of domaining history. While the army of naysayers will grow louder, stronger and wider, we will demonstrate why we are so confident in what we are about to undertake and achieve. Thousands of competing motives will try and drown out and torpedo what we are trying to do. But with each nay will be a motive linked because no real domainer is rooting against us. Domainers will rejoice as we start announcing deals. Others will become threatened.

So the question to ask as we hit another Monday is who has the most to lose in a success?? Certainly not domainers. But who? Who would invest so much energy trying to discredit something that 5 others companies so far have followed our lead with? and leasing domains is a huge threat to some. What would our success do to the domain industry? It's a question many are asking because they see the writing on the wall. What happens when the very best domains are leased? The domainer is a winner because he is making much more and it is steady income. The lessee is a winner because he increased is odds dramatically in terms of a success and standing out among their competition. So where will all the noise that is to come trying to discredit domain leasing be coming from?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz