Who else wants $500 cash, 5% of $5000/mo for as many as 5 years or more and then a chance for 5% of a $5,000,000 buyout?

To our friends and clients of JointVentures.com,

We want to pay you a bunch of money for very little effort.

Maybe as much as stated in the catchy title of the blog post
you just scanned, depending on a few variables. That might only be ONE joint
ventures deal we do together.

And we only want you to send ONE email to earn the
up-front money, the monthly money, and any back-end bonus money.

What's the

We need to reach someone with a personal email that has an
important marketing message from us they’ll probably be very interested to hear
from you FIRST (before their competition), someone you may have in your Rolodex
that we maybe don't have in ours.

What is our message we'd like you to pass along if you have
a personal relationship and personal email address with the type of person we
want to reach?

Simply copy this:


The 'Million Dollar Domain
Name' _________.com is available for sale, lease or joint ventures for a
limited time-- until your company or another signs a deal to get it. Knowing your
business is in ________ and there is
only one __________.com, naturally I thought you'd want to hear about this
unique opportunity for a competitive advantage in your industry category ASAP.
I have cc'd Rick Schwartz to
this email message who invites you to read over the offer proposal at
JointVentures.com and make him an offer to get this premium domain to use for
your company. Best of luck!


Pretty simple, right?

Who do we want you to send that message to and CC Rick
Schwartz as your only responsibility to earn big referral money if and when I
work a deal with your referral client to buy, lease or JV develop the
'Million Dollar Domain Name' of their interest?


Anyone you personally
know who'd be ECSTATIC to hear that theirs could be the one and only company to
get their hands on any of the domains listed at the link below and priced on
the “Featured Domains” tab of JointVentures.com...


...And is to your
knowledge financially QUALIFIED to make a serious offer.

…And is to your
knowledge a decision-maker for that business on an executive level, preferably
marketing or chief executive only.

Got it?

Our company values
each of these 'Internet real estate property'
domain names at $100,000 up to $x,000,000.

And we'll offer them for lease or lease to own starting with
an affordable monthly fee to the RIGHT company.

If the deal for you ended up being 10% as good as the catchy
example in our blog post title today...or $500 cash plus 5% of $500/mo for 5
years then 5% of $500,000...would it still be a “great day at the
office” for you sending that ONE email?

Of course. Do the math. The only difference is the value of
the domain in question. In the world of premium 'internet real
estate' Property.com for instance is more valuable than DERIVATIVES like
IncomeProperty.com or UKProperty.com and sometimes by a geometric multiple.
Same would go for RealEstate.com (not ours) being far more valuable vs
RealEstateForSale.com by 50x or more.

But again, we'll pay you $500 cash, 5% of the up front cash
in any lease deposit, 5% of the monthly payment if a property domain is
'leased' to your contact and a 5% back-end bonus of any sale -- no matter how big.

One of Danny Welsh’s long-time connector contacts in real
estate that simply knew very little about the domain name space listened to
what we were doing and asked him: “Is this legit?”

Danny responded: “Yes. Property.com sold for $4,000,000 in
2011 just to use ONE related example. And still makes money every month. How
would you have liked to get 5% of that up-front cash, monthly cash and a possible
back-end bonus cash and/or revenue stream just for having sent an email to
bring together buyer and seller? You missed out on that one. You can read about
more big-ticket 'Internet real estate' deals here: http://www.dnjournal.com/ytd-sales-charts.htm.
You missed those too, and so did I. But
I ain't missing any more!”

Needless to say, that mover and shaker is already creating a
pipeline of “protected contacts” one email to a CMO or CEO at a time, and we
think their first completed deal we do FOR them will be very soon.

Now, you can get in on these kinds of deals like we've been
doing using an innovative but SIMPLE method Danny Welsh created for high-level
personal WIN-WIN joint ventures referrals.

Don't hesitate.

If a name of someone you know in a decision-making role
popped in your head when reading those premium domain names on our 2013 list of
properties represented, email that person the simple offer copied from above
and CC me NOW to lock in your commissions if we do a deal with them.

Interested to get an
easy check for sending one email? How about 12 checks a year for years?

All you need to do is
take a look at our 2013 listings, and get in touch with us and them too if
someone in your Rolodex would be thrilled for the opportunity to hear that
PRODUCT.com is available affordably as a lease to their company selling

No daisy chain. No NCND. No BS.

Most of you have been on my blog reading or email list for
years. Many of you have done business with me in various ways, TRAFFIC
conference or auction or other.

I've added value to you
with tips and stuff for years as I want
always to earn your trust. I don't take that lightly.

If you're
'new' to my blog and haven't heard much from me at all or only a few
times, or you've been here a long time and want to know why I've been
'quiet' the last year or so before a flurry of productive action in
the last 8 weeks
, thinking and planning to put this opportunity together
for others is a big part of it.

Just as a quick note: this is NOT about our sales broker program.
. We ARE accepting video applications
from applicants for the 12 available sales broker positions…through the week of
2/25/13, posted as links right there in the comments of the blog titled “
Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: JointVentures.com Sales Team Now Recruiting Future


This post today is just about an “informal” referral deal.
Our sub-broker sales program pays the same with a few extra perks and bonuses
for doing multiple deals, but requires an application process and those folks
will get a contract with us, warm lead prospects to follow-up with, protected
properties and they will close deals with a lot more time and effort involved.

This “connector opportunity” is simply a friendly referral
that might pay you $x,xxx-xxx,xxx for little time invested…simply for sending
ONE email to a company decision-maker you may know that we may not, and if it’s
done AS
and the company decision-maker responds to the email to
them from you and lets us CC’d know that they are interested/considering a deal
for the domain name…our company will make that company for that domain name a
“protected client referral” for 6 months.

If a deal gets done with that company to lease or buy that domain
name in that 365 day time frame, you get paid as advertised with no other

The difference between THIS and our sub-broker program for
the JointVentures.com sales team which is now accepting applicants?

A pre-existing RELATIONSHIP must be in place for this
“informal referral deal” and between you and the ONE decision maker you’re
emailing about ONE specific domain name you’re confident that they’d be
interested in if the price were right to lease. Simple, no need for a bunch of
fancy documentation. Just a track record of doing what we say we’ll do, and one email among friends that creates cash
for you (commission), cash for us (lease fee), and cash for your connected
referral (increased sales for their company)

Let's help you make 2013 your best year ever.

ONE email to the
right person you know that we may not.

We'll do the rest.

And whatever we earn doing that deal with that referral will
be shared with you for as long as we earn it— no matter how much $$ it means
paying out for what amounts to 5 minutes worth of effort on your part...and
having had cultivated the relationship with that decision-maker in the first

You have our word.

Rick Schwartz &
Danny Welsh

If Google is Your Answer to Everything, then you have no Answers to Anything!

Afternoon Folks!!

Dear End user,

Dear Domainer,

If Google is your answer to everything, then you have no answers. Then you are kidding yourself. If your dream is built on Google, you may as well build your dream on a cloud or sand at the ocean.

Now I have stated many times that Google is your LAST resort not your first. This is not a knock on Google. This is illustrating the LAZY end user or domainer that thinks GOOGLE is the KEYWORD that fixes everything answers everything when in fact most get it wrong.

I watch domainers interpreting Google results as their guide to what makes a domain valuable. Ha! They include numbers that don't represent what they think they do. They type in one keyword and get results for many semi related terms. They use Google as a seeing eye dog but without the training needed to accomplish that. Google is the answer all day long. It's no answer at all in my book. It's a crutch to make you look like you know what you are talking about.

End users love affair with Google usually comes crashing down to reality at some point. Likely the point you go out of business.

Depending what good or service you sell you can get so much better results with traditional advertising and other sources of online ads and links and publicity and all the rest. All need to be used together in concert. But Google should be the last one you call after you get all others in place.

Look, there are several approaches. Some are longer term and more of a business type business. Others are businesses set up as pages to earn revenue and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but few are here for the long term.

So my comments are ALWAYS aimed at those with real and long term type businesses. Always will be. The best way to make anything fly and get off the ground is with a good plan and the best available materials. Google is the keyword that should be deleted from the vocabulary of many. Google has its place, just some don't know exactly what that place is.

Rick Schwartz

Why Domain Leasing? Why Now? The Down and DIRTY Story of Why!

Morning Folks!!

Let's REALLY get into it today. Let's really set the line in the sand. Let's understand why MOST businesses fail. Let's think differently and get a different result. Do you see what we see? Do you see WHY we see it? Well you will after you read this. You will understand what we see. At least you should.

BY Danny Welsh
“Why should I consider domain leasing?” seems to be a question Rick and I hear
often from companies offering to buy one of our domain names
….most of whom
simply do not have an existing “category” business or new “category” idea that
is at this time BIG ENOUGH that leasing Category.com is a better alternative
than buying any other domain name.

“What makes you think
end users will accept domain leasing?” seems to be a question Rick and I hear
often from domain name owners
…most of whom simply do not own domains that
are at this time OF THE CALIBER that leasing them is a better alternative than
buying any other domain name.

Most businesses
don’t care about due diligence
and frankly, most businesses FAIL.

Thousands upon
thousands of businesses just getting online for the first time in the next few
years will be happy to pay $8.99 for a www.domainname.crap wrong-extension
non-.com domain name from registrars
that pay upwards of $30.00 per CLICK
to Google just to get that prospect to find the registrar’s website when searching
for a “domain name” at a search engine (thereby revealing themselves as an
internet marketing “newbie”)…never
realizing that the registrar would GIVE THAT VALUE-LESS ALTERNATIVE-EXTENSION
DOMAIN NAME AWAY FOR FREE to get the lifetime customer in the door to buy all
kinds of other products and services

Thousands upon
thousands of businesses just getting online for the first time in the next few
years will be happy to pay $8.99 for a www.domainname.co from the GoDaddy
and will find out down
the road…that by doing so they’ll lose money, lose customers, and work harder
instead of just work smarter AND harder to achieve greater business success
faster (and they’ll be PISSED when they realize that GoDaddy themselves KNOWINGLY
set their customers’ .co-using company up to FAIL online)

Thousands upon
thousands of businesses just getting online for the first time in the next few
years will be happy to pay $8.99 get a completely FREE www.companyname.google (or
its equivalent) domain name along with easy free email and file hosting,
not realizing that their desire to get
“free stuff” will cause them to sign away their destiny to succeed in business
to the whim of the golden god of the 21st century that really only
wants your advertising dollars (and doesn’t lose sleep over whether or not your
business actually MAKES SALES).

The companies that make the www.wrong.choice
for their domain name will play not to lose…and not all but most of them will
EPIC FAIL, and this will just be another reason why among the myriad reasons
why in fact MOST businesses— online OR offline— fail to get off the ground and
become profitable.

So go ahead and if
you’re in that 80% according to the SBA that couldn’t be bothered to make
decisions for the future profitability of your company based on evidence, go
elsewhere than reading the hard truths here because we can’t help you.

However, if you’re here reading and learning because you
want to get the best NICHE.com domain name available for your niche
category…you’re exactly who I want to talk to directly.

You may have just heard about “domain
leasing” TODAY
yet more and more every week, business owners like you
wanting the BEST domain name they can possibly get for their
business idea or existing company are already
seeing domain leasing as a win-win.

15-20 years ago folks like you didn't know what a domain
name WAS (and unfortunately if you want a great one today…you’re realizing now
that someone else already owned it 15-20 years ago…
in most cases that
person is one of a group of folks I call “the 500” and if you didn’t realize
it, these approximately 500 or so domain investors own the majority of the
eRealEstate on the net worth building a website and company on).

10 years ago many wouldn't have believed they NEEDED a
more than an online brochure, much less a special domain name
better than their made-up company name brand.

Today, you know
differently right? Looking to make SALES? Keep reading….

5 years ago many would have laughed to hear a $1000/mo
lease price
for something where an 'alternative' would cost $8.99 outright.

In the last few years, and
increasingly each week that passes…the businessman wanting to take his company
global online with FAST RESULTS has begun educating him/herself about what
makes the internet tick and what contributes to multiplying profits.

Last year— you would have Google searched and found less
than 1000 results for a search of this simple offer proposition:

“This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease”

Now you’ll find how many?


It’s because
increasingly both domain name owners not proactively developing their best
eRealEstate and the companies that want to do so…are BOTH seeing domain leasing
and lease-to-own deals for an a true WIN-WIN for both parties.

Hell, just this past month you may have read the news about
the Las Vegas tourism/visitors board leasing LasVegas.com as their brand
instead of the inferior VisitLasVegas.com domain name and internet brand they
had previously been using.

When throughout this year they roll out the humongous
international TV and ad blitz using that superior domain name as a domain name,
brand, and call-to-action for adventurous travelers worldwide to visit, do
business, and play in Las Vegas…what do you think is going to happen?

Is any “Joe Blow” not reading this blog or others like it
seeing the LasVegas.com commercials and ads going to know…or care…that the city
of Las Vegas doesn’t technically yet own the eRealEstate land upon which the
“official website of Las Vegas” is built?

How many extra bucks does the city of Las Vegas need to
bring in from tourism and conventions on top of the $100s of billions the city
is awash in each year already…to make whatever the landlord of that highly
visible property worth whatever the domain name owner quite fairly asked when
we have empirical evidence that within our lifetime the eRealEstate property
LasVegas.com WILL VERY LIKELY be worth more money than any single REAL real
estate property in the city of it’s dotcom namesake?

Did you follow that
or was it too convoluted for you?

Here’s a hint: In your lifetime and
mine, a time will come when there won’t be a single hotel/casino on the Las
Vegas Strip that is worth more than LasVegas.com.

A premium .com
category domain name for your product or service or audience equals instant
credibility and lead generation benefits
. And so much more. Who around the
world will not know EXACTLY what LasVegas.com offers without yet even
responding to those advertisements? It’s an instant brand…an incomparable word-of-mouth
shareable idea…and a bargain at whatever price the city of Las Vegas paid to
lease it.

Bravo! They are on the cutting edge again.

Love Vegas or hate the city…they know how to make money
unlike perhaps any other place on Earth, and the decision you’ve just seen made
here WILL be repeated again and again by many smart municipalities in the next
few years to get their hands on their “CityDotCom” eRealEstate.

Anyone that
seriously does their due diligence on internet marketing realizes that there is
ONE BEST DOT COM DOMAIN NAME for their business idea
, and the
LasVegas.com deal simply proves it’s not just small business, or big business,
but even within the merger of government and business where a visitors’ board

And each company in
2013 doing their due diligence on the ONE BEST DOT COM DOMAIN NAME for their
business idea is going to run smack dab into “the 500' – again, this is
simply the name of what I call the group of visionaries that as early as 1993
bought up all the premium .com “land” under the infrastructure on which the
entire INTERNET is built

Guys Like Rick Schwartz and the other domain name owners who
are my clients with JointVentures.com

If you want a GREAT .com domain name, your due diligence
will lead you right to the 500 in so many cases it is SPOOKY, as you start
researching to buy the domain names you want and find...again and again...that
someone beat you to it. Who? Maybe me. Maybe someone else reading this among
the collective brain trust of an entire industry that treats RicksBlog like a
watering hole.

Doesn't matter who you find, as the next few years unfold…you
will hear a response to a request to buy the domain name you want that “the
500” and those who aspire to be among them will know exactly why is quite fair
and reasonable: 'Not for sale,
lease only!'.

Domain owners have taken their powerful assets away from
Google and Yahoo who were paying them very poorly and put their destiny in
their own hands (WIN).

And the end user companies that covet a GREAT domain name
you feel is worth 6-7 figures can try it out for 5 figures a year (WIN).

The wind at your
back forever for the cost in many cases of a corporate car or two each month
(something many companies big and small already LEASE).

What's not to like?

WIN-WIN is key, here.

No one is trying to 'get one over' on a domain

Just like no one is taking advantage of the city of Las
Vegas. It’s called capitalism, folks. And you can invest or you can gamble. Own
the house, or play .craps. Your choice.

Everybody has to be happy with the deals we make thru
JointVentures.com, NOT just our domain name owner clients.

Of COURSE you would prefer to own the domain name you want outright
(and those are the folks that opt for a lease-to-own deal instead of a straight
domain leasing deal).

I'd prefer to have
been born with a million dollar trust fund waiting for me, but I've had to work
for every dime of mine.

You take what you can
get in life, right?

If you have your mind set on the one and only GREAT domain
name that can really make your business idea or your existing company FLY…

Then don’t jump out of a plane without a parachute and pay 6
figures to acquire it, when you can pay $xxxx per month on a test drive lease.
Don’t pay 7 figures cash now to acquire it when you can pay $xx,xxx per month
to make certain your hunch is right.
It wouldn’t be priced so high, if that hunch hadn’t worked out pretty damn well
for many companies who wanted THEIR one domain name…and got it, and never
looked back.

Way to go, Las Vegas!

Think WIN-WIN!

Think Joint Ventures.

Danny Welsh