My A/C Repair Guy has 271 Domains and he gets it! What’s the Excuse for Folks with Fancy Titles?

Morning Folks!!

So yesterday my 65 year old Hungarian Immigrant Air Conditioner guy is working on one of my units. He asked me what I did. I said I make my living on the Internet. Asked more info. Told him I invested in Domain Names. He then tells me he owns 271. Really I ask?

He says he never got any traffic from his company name. So what he did was register 271 domain names. and uses the local zip codes or city names. And that is just how one guy in a service business takes advantage of generic domains to drive traffic to his site to make his phone ring and keep new business coming in. DUH! DUH! DUH!

So please somebody explain to me why well educated men and women that have fancy titles in corp America and Madison Ave. can't seem to get their head around what my a/c repairman can figure out? When the man on the street gets it, those folks that are really smart can't be THAT far behind. Can they?

As a side-note I own and that shows shows the value one domain can have. This to me is the PERFECT example of a yellow page category killer domain name that has many uses to many people.

If I had no other domain in the world to focus on, I am sure I could make my fortune just as easy doing this one thing full time. But instead, I will find a partner that will do it for both of us.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: will be leased by December 31 of this year. This is such a no brainer. ACRepair is a huge, worldwide industry with an average residential ticket of $250-$4500 or more and commercially of course much higher. You mean to tell me I can't find ONE PERSON on the planet that can not see that opportunity? I INSIST I can and WILL! But my job is not find one, it is to find the BEST one!

Here's how you use Google. Look up ac repair and look at all the paid listings. DUH!!!!!